5 Ways to Store Your Scanned Documents

Document digitalization significantly changed the business world. It improves the efficiency of information delivery and helps the offices paperless yet more organized.

Ways of Storing Scanned Documents

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 ways of storing scanned documents.

  1. Upload the images to your database

    Beside the image itself, sometimes it’s necessary to upload extra info to SQL Server, Oracle or other databases. For instance, you are developing a system for hospitals. After capturing an image, doctors may also want to submit the patient’s name, ID, description and other info together with the image for archiving and further review. In addition, you can take advantage of the backup and security features provided by the database tool to better manage the documents and images.

  2. Submit the images to SharePoint

    By integrating your image processing tool with SharePoint (known as a collaboration software), you can further dig the value of the scanned documents.

  3. Email the scanned images

    Sometimes, instead of storing the documents somewhere, you may want to send the copies to someone first. For example, you scan a receipt or contract, and then you need to email the documents to your manager, business partners or customers to get approval

  4. Upload the images to your web server or FTP site

    Compared to the database, web server and FTP site are more light-weighted and cost-effective options. You don’t need to spend money on purchasing SQL Server and no need to maintain the databases. And if you want to further process the acquired images, such as barcode detection and optical character recognition (OCR), you can deploy the corresponding third-party or self-designed components onto your web server to deal with the uploaded images.

  5. Save the images to users’ local folders

    Customers can use your application to scan business papers, documents and more and then save them to their local system. There should be more ways to deal with the documents.

Scan Documents and Save

Dynamic Web TWAIN is an innovative browser-based document scanning SDK. It offers a clean and simple API for you to interact with scanners and hides the nitty-gritty of adapting to the ever-changing browsers and the variety of scanners.

Dynamic Web TWAIN has been playing as a small yet necessary piece in many enterprise-grade web applications and government programs for 15+ years. So, rest assured that Dynamsoft will continuously improve the SDK for the years to come.

How to scan documents and save using Dynamic Web TWAIN >

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