How to Create an Online Check Deposit Solution

Dec 22, 2016


*Dynamsoft contributed an article to CREDIT UNION JOURNAL that ran Dec 21, 2016.

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In the old days, people went to their bank’s ATM to deposit their checks. Sometimes, they even ventured inside the bank and visited a teller to deposit their checks. It was inconvenient for customers, and it’s no secret that banks would prefer customers deposit their checks without using their facilities or equipment. The result has been to implement remote check deposits via mobile apps. But can banks do even more to add convenience?

After the Check 21 Act passed in 2004, it became legal to allow the use of digital images of a check and this made remote deposits possible.

Mobile apps for check deposits are now seemingly common. However, adding possible user platforms to do remote deposits will only make it that much more efficient and cost effective for customers and banks.

With a desktop browser-based check deposit solution, customers can complete a deposit transaction with their computer and scanner, whether at the office or home. Just like with a mobile app, they can log in, scan their check, review the captured numbers and related fields, and click a button to complete the transaction. And compared to mobile apps, a browser-based check solution can enable customers using bulk-processing scanners to process checks more efficiently. This is especially helpful for business customers who need to deal with a large volume of checks.

So how can a bank quickly create an online check deposit solution? There are mainly four technologies behind depositing checks online.

Web-Based Scanning

Scanning to digitize a paper check is the first step of any online deposit management workflow. When embedding web-based scanning into a web application, you need to consider several factors. If you build it yourself rather than use a software development kit (SDK) provider, you’ll need to deal with operation system support, technical support, support for devices, keeping up with related standards and browser upgrades, and more.

Cross-browser scanning support will be essential to ensure most users can access it easily from different types and versions of browsers. Today, we have so many browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Then, each of these has many different versions in use. It can become a daunting task to ensure your online check deposit web application works with all of them. Each browser also has different versions for different operating systems, whether Windows, Mac OS, etc.

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