Scan Multiple Barcodes and QR Codes at Once

Last Updated on 2021-10-25

How to Scan Multiple Barcodes and QR Codes Simultaneously?

  1. Open the online barcode and QR code scanner.
  2. Drag and drop images from your computer.
  3. [Optional] In the left panel, make adjustments to the settings. 
  4. The results are returned in the right panel.

Difference Between Laser Barcode Scanner and Imaging Scanner

When comparing laser barcode scanners with an imaging scanner, one of the major differences is that imaging scanners’ capability of scanning multiple barcodes and 2D codes in one scan. Multiple barcode scanning is time-efficient in various scenarios, such as shipping labels, supermarket price tags, inventory counting, etc. It greatly speeds up the barcode scanning process and streamlines the workflow.

Depending on different use cases, the count of barcodes in one image can vary from a few to dozens. And the barcodes can vary in symbologies (1D, QR code, MaxiCode, etc.) and sizes. As to the layout, the barcodes can be neatly placed in a matrix or randomly scattered. To get a satisfying result in all challenging situations, we need a robust barcode scanner SDK.

In this article, we are going to examine how Dynamsoft’s barcode SDK performs in multiple barcode scanning situations.

About Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader enables developers to quickly implement 1D and 2D barcode scanning into their applications running on different platforms. On top of scanning linear barcodes, it can function as a powerful QR Code reader or a 2D imager.

Supported programming languages: C#,, Java, C++, Python, C, Android Java, Swift, Kotlin, and JavaScript.


Bulk Scan Barcodes and MaxiCode on Shipping Labels

Take a UPS shipping label for example, there are two linear barcodes and one MaxiCode printed. To make use of the contextual information, we can specify the barcode type as following:

Bulk Scan Barcodes

Below is the Python code snippet to set barcode format and count to read:

settings = reader.get_runtime_settings()
settings.barcode_format_ids = EnumBarcodeFormat.BF_ALL | BF_MAXICODE
settings.excepted_barcodes_count = 32

Here is the returned result:

Cost 78 ms.

Found 3 barcode(s) in this file.

MaxiCode on Shipping Labels

Scan Barcodes for Inventory Counting

Another example is multiple barcodes printed on the product packaging. This is often seen in inventory counting. This image contains 3 identical UPC-A codes and 3 identical Code 39 Extended. Here is the returned result:

Cost 281 ms.

Found 6 barcode(s) in this file.

Scan Barcodes for Inventory Counting

To expedite the counting procedure, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is optimized for scanning dozens of codes at once. For example, the following image contains 32 barcodes. Dynamsoft’s barcode scanner can scan them all successfully in 796ms.

dozens of codes

Codes of Various Barcode Formats in Random Placement

Dynamsoft’s barcode and QR code SDK is capable of recognizing barcodes in different angles and in different sizes. Its proprietary algorithm ensures that scanning multiple codes only takes a fraction longer compared with scanning a single barcode.

Codes of Various Barcode Formats

What’s Next

Need a bulk barcode scanner? Download the 30-day free trial SDK to perform multiple barcode scanning. Or try your own images with Dynamsoft’s online barcode and QR code scanner to scan multiple barcodes at once.


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