Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.2 added WIA support

Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.2 Preview

Scanning is an essential part of many businesses and organizations, and there are several protocols available to facilitate image acquisition. Two popular protocols for scanning are WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) and TWAIN (Technology Without An Interesting Name). With the recent release of Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.2, WIA support has been added.

WIA vs. WIA’s TWAIN Compatibility Layer

In short, there is no need to use TWAIN Compatibility Layer starting from Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.2.

WIA is a protocol developed by Microsoft that is built into Windows operating systems. It provides a simple interface for image acquisition from scanners and cameras, making it easy to use for basic scanning needs.

WIA’s TWAIN compatibility layer allows communication between TWAIN-aware applications (for example, Dynamic Web TWAIN previous versions) and WIA devices.

Issues with TWAIN Compatibility Layer

  • The functionality of WIA is not fully accessible to the TWAIN compatibility layer. For example, the user interface cannot be suppressed through this compatibility layer.
  • With the added support of WIA in Dynamic Web TWAIN v18.2, it recognizes both WIA and TWAIN. This means WIA devices are detected twice - once via normal WIA communication and once via the TWAIN compatibility layer. This causes the issue of listing the same WIA device twice.

For these reasons, Dynamic Web TWAIN filters out the TWAIN compatibility layer by default.

Comparing WIA and TWAIN

When choosing between WIA and TWAIN, several factors need to be considered.

Should I choose WIA or TWAIN if my scanner supports both?

The choice between WIA and TWAIN depends on your specific needs.

Interface and flexibility

WIA is generally easier to use and provides a simpler interface for basic scanning needs. TWAIN, on the other hand, offers more flexibility and control over the scanning process, making it a better choice for advanced users or those with specific requirements for image acquisition.

Built-in Driver

WIA does have a unique advantage on Windows systems. Windows includes a built-in WIA driver for many WIA scanners. When you connect a WIA scanner to your computer for the first time, Windows will automatically detect and install the appropriate driver.


When scanning a single page, WIA generally performs faster than TWAIN. However, for batch scanning, for example, 50 pages, TWAIN outperforms WIA in terms of speed for both 200 DPI and 600 DPI Gray.

200 DPI Gray 1 Page 8.8s 5.42s
600 DPI Gray 1 Page 14s 10.1s
200 DPI Gray 50 Pages 49s 58s

Note: The test was done on a Panasonic KVN1058X scanner.

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