How do I test a TWAIN device?

You may get problems when using your application with some scanners and wonder whether it is the issue with your application or it is the device issue.

If you are using a TWAIN library and your application is supposed to work with all TWAIN compatible devices, you can use Twacker, which is a TWAIN application developed by The TWAIN Working Group. It allows you to exercise features of a TWAIN driver and to see whether the driver of your device is working fine or not.

Install Twacker

You can download Twacker installers here:

Twack_32.msiTwack_64.msi 32-bit Twacker works with 32-bit TWAIN drivers, while 64-bit Twacker works with 64-bit TWAIN drivers.

How to use Twacker?

After the installation, you can follow the steps below to test your scanners.

  1. Launch Twack. Go to Windows Start  menu and type Twack.

    Launch Twacker Launch Twacker

  2. Connect to your scanner. Click menu File-> Select Source  and you will see all the available sources available on your machine.

    Twacker - select source Twacker - select source

    Twacker - choose device Twacker - choose device

  3. Test your scanner.Under File menu, check ShowUI to show the user interface of the device.With UI hidden, you can use the Automatic Feeding setting to test ADF scanning.

    Click Acquire to initiate scanning and see how your device works.

  4. TroubleshootIf you fail to acquire images from your scanner using Twacker, you can adjust the Message Level to see if you can get more information to pinpoint the cause of the issue.Under Special menu, you can also check the TWAIN State transition info.

Another easy way to test your TWAIN device online

You can also test your scanner using the online demo of Dynamic Web TWAIN, which is a browser-based TWAIN SDK. You only need to install an ActiveX/Plug-in for your browser (Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox, Safari) and have a quick check for your scanner online.

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