Using Team Foundation Version Control with Command Line

When creating a new project in Visual Studio, there are two options for version control:  Git, which is distributed version control, and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC), which is centralized version control. Personally, I am a Git advocate, but my team selects TFVC as the version control tool. Generally, I prefer using Visual Studio Code to write code rather than Visual Studio. Therefore, I have to learn how to use the TFVC commands, for VS Code does not feature TFVC.

Creating Projects with Team Foundation Version Control

Visual Studio Team Services are free for a small team. Use your Microsoft account to login.

Create a new test project.

Team foundation version control

The default version control option is Git. Change it to Team Foundation Version Control.

TFVC Command Operation

Once a project is created online, how to download it as git clone?

Run the command:

tf workspace /new /collection:https://{ youraccount }

A configuration window pops up.

tf create

Select a repository and click OK. Then you will get all files to the local system.

Try to create a new index.htm file and add it to team foundation.

tf add index.htm

Check the status:

tf stat

Check in the file:

tf checkin

tf checkin

Visit https://{youraccount} and you will see the file.

tfvc code online

Extension for VS Code

In Visual Studio Code, you can install Visual Studio Team Services to monitor your builds and manage your pull requests. visual studio team services After reloading VS Code, you will see the message: tfs vscode

Personal Access Token

Visit https://{youraccount} to generate a personal access token.

Workspace setting

Press F1 to navigate to workspace settings. Add your account URL and the project name.

  "team.remoteUrl": "https://{youraccount}",
  "team.teamProject": "{projectname}"


Select signin and paste your personal access token.

tfvc token

Now you can see project status in the status bar.

vscode status bar