Streamline Air Travel Operations with Dynamsoft Imaging SDKs

Dynamsoft Imaging SDKs help streamline airline operations to boost efficiency, provide robust data security, and improve collaboration. Airline companies can keep errors at bay, save costs and time, and secure data using our SDKs to build state-of-the-art solutions.

How do Imaging SDKs help in Increasing Productivity & Reducing Costs for Airline Companies?

  • Better speed and accuracy in baggage handling, improved inventory accuracy, better parts tracking & management with Barcode Reader SDK
  • Integrate passport scanning capabilities in a new or existing application with MRZ Reader
  • Build robust document management systems to manage data digitally to ensure compliance, better safety & improved collaboration

Different Scenarios Where Imaging SDKs are Helpful in Airline Industries

Bag Management Passport MRZ Scanner Boarding Pass Scanning Document Management
Bag Management & Tag Scanning

Bag Management & Tag Scanning


  • Randomly placed tags on the luggage make barcode scanners unable to detect the barcode properly
  • Poorly printed, deformed, and torn tags are challenging to read
  • Tags are much smaller than the luggage size, which gives barcode readers a tough time
  • Reading barcodes from a live video stream is a difficult task for ordinary scanners

How does Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK help?

  • It can quickly locate and scan barcodes on the tag at any orientation
  • DBR is exceptionally effective in reading tough barcodes
  • Easily reads barcodes of all sizes, no matter how tiny it is
  • Near 100% accuracy while reading barcodes from a live video stream
Bag Management & Tag Scanning

MRZ Scanner SDK for Passport Scanning


  • Lack of mobility leads to long queues at check-in & immigration desks
  • Ordinary scanners may fail to scan passports at different angles

How does Dynamsoft MRZ Scanner SDK help?

  • Innovative OCR engine & sophisticated image pre-processing algorithms to achieve near 100% accuracy
  • Enterprise-grade speed and efficiency
  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant for data security
air travel

Boarding Pass Scanning


  • Multiple attempts to scan boarding pass barcodes create long passenger queues
  • Scanners may fail to scan folded, poorly printed, or damaged barcodes on the boarding pass

How does Dynamsoft Barcode Scanning SDK help?

  • It can read the most challenging barcodes such as curved, angled, wrinkled, dense, etc.
  • Customized scanning parameters to scan barcodes that are folded or damaged
  • It can read more than 500 barcodes per minute
Bag Management & Tag Scanning

Document Management


  • Managing a range of documents manually that involve sensitive information is time-taking and overwhelming
  • More time is required to stay in line with regulatory and audit deadlines
  • Manually entering or verifying data is error-prone

How does Dynamsoft Document Scanning SDK help?

  • Build robust document management systems to automate operations with Dynamsoft Scanning SDK
  • Save time by scanning tens and thousands of pages in one session
  • Save cost by using mobile phones to scan documents, no need to spend money on scanners
  • Security features such as digital signature, data encryption, and authorization requirements
  • Lesser to no paper usage to reduce costs involved in ink, printing & other paper-related items

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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is an enterprise-grade barcode scanning solution designed for decoding tough barcodes under the most challenging scenarios. It allows airline companies to streamline processes and cut costs by eliminating manual human reviews. Its high speed, excellent recognition rate, and accuracy help upgrade everyday operations for better air travel.

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