EAN-8 - Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

What is a EAN-8?

An EAN-8 barcode is derived from the longer European Article Number (EAN-13) code. The main purpose of the EAN-8 barcode is to use as little space as possible.

An EAN-8 barcode includes a two or three-digit country code, four of five data digits (according to the length of the country code), and a checksum digit. The data digits in an EAN-8 symbol identify a specific product and manufacturer.


EAN-8 is encoded using the three EAN-13 character sets and also has a check digit that is calculated in the same manner as EAN-13. There is a limited number of EAN-8 barcodes available in each country. So, they are issued only for products with insufficient space for an EAN-13 symbol.

Where is a EAN-8 used?

You’ll find EAN-8 barcodes on products where only limited space is available, like small candies, cigarettes, pencils, and chewing gum packets.

Companies may also use EAN-8 barcodes to encode RCN-8s (8-digit Restricted Circulation Numbers) used to identify own-brand products sold only in their stores.


  • Retail

How could Dynamsoft help you with Code EAN-8?

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