"SourceAnywhere Standalone lets us easily and effectively manage our source code in a faster, more secure, and more flexible way than Microsoft SourceSafe did. "

― Ryan Marples, CTO, Bluetide Management

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The Best SourceSafe Replacement - SourceAnywhere

SQL Server-Based Version Control Software

Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere is an ideal Visual SourceSafe (VSS) alternative. As a replacement, it offers all the functionality of VSS plus a variety of additional modern features. VSS was designed primarily for use in a secure local network and our SourceAnywhere solution also works well locally. However, SourceAnywhere also provides robust remote access and support for cross platform development environments.

Our Customers

"We were using SourceSafe and it wasn't meeting the needs of our geographically distributed development teams.

SourceAnywhere solved that problem, and we had it up and running in one hour."
Andy Hurst, Software Developer

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VSS History Data Import

SourceAnywhere offers a VSS Import Tool for effortless data migration from your existing VSS database to the SourceAnywhere repository.

Easy Yet Powerful

SourceAnywhere closely resembles the VSS user interface and workflow, which greatly reduces any learning curves and makes a transition more straightforward. While its use is simple, behind the scenes SourceAnywhere is a powerful solution:

Unique Version Control Features

SourceAnywhere is much more than a SourceSafe alternative. It includes the following features to better help you manage source code:

  • Folder/project branch and merge
  • Shelve/unshelve unready local changes to a server without check-in
  • Email notification about specific occurring source control operations
  • Changeset support
  • More…

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