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Browser-based TWAIN scanning SDK

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Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN scanning SDK specifically optimized for web applications. The Web TWAIN plug-in allows you to access a connected scanner in JavaScript & HTML in your web page. With a couple of lines of code, you can scan documents from TWAIN compatible scanners or acquire images from digital cameras/capture cards, edit the scanned images and save them in a variety of file formats to file system, database, SharePoint, or other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

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How it Works?

Dynamic Web TWAIN provides several different editions which run as ActiveX, plug-in and HTML5 WebSocket SDK to enable support for all the mainstream web browsers on Windows and Mac OS X.

Client Side Server Side
Browsers supported: IE x86/64 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
Operating systems supported: Windows Mac OS X
IIS, Tomcat, Apache and more
JavaScript, JQuery, VBScript, HTML5, HTML ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), PHP, JSP, ASP, etc.

Why Dynamic Web TWAIN

10 Years of Maintenance and Improvement

Since the release of version 1.0 in 2003, Dynamic Web TWAIN has kept improving to stay in touch of the latest technology and satisfy customer needs.

Associate Member of TWAIN Working Group

Dynamsoft is an associate member of TWAIN Working Group, who defines the TWAIN standard. We not only have early access to the latest TWAIN standard, but also contribute to the TWAIN standard by proposing and voting for changes.
TWAIN Working Group Associate Partner

Guaranteed Security

The ActiveX control is digitally signed by VeriSign and marked safe for initializing and scripting.

Compatible with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and Protected Mode.

Supports Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication and Basic Authentication.

Improve your Productivity

Dynamic Web TWAIN is designed to dramatically reduce the coding complexity of your web scanning module. With the SDK, you can interact with scanners with a couple of lines of code. It relieves you from learning the long TWAIN Specification and coding from scratch.

Cross-platform and cross-browser support. You don't need to deal with different APIs to support different user environments.

Rich sample code and good customer service to help you throughout the evaluation process.

Our Customers

Dynamic Web TWAIN is trusted by Lockheed Martin and scanner vendors including HP, Epson, Fujifilm and more. Our customers span the globe from health care to insurance, banking and government departments.

Case study: Dynamic Web TWAIN Integrated into Lockheed Martin's Intranet Quorum Solution
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