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Browser-Based Image and Video Capture SDK

Dynamsoft Camera SDK provides JavaScript APIs that enable you to easily capture images and video streams from USB Video Class (UVC) compatible webcams from within a browser. With the browser-based webcam library, you can capture a live video stream into a container and grab an image with a couple lines of code in your web application.

System Requirements

Client Side

Browser: Internet Explorer 6 and above, Edge, Firefox, Chrome

Operating system: Windows

Server Side

No dependency on 3rd-party frameworks.

Web server: Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, Apache and more.

Operating system: Linux, Windows, and more

Feature Highlights

  • Developers can have complete control over a webcam, e.g., exposure, iris, auto focus, etc.
  • One Dynamsoft Camera SDK object can have one video viewer and multiple image viewers. Image viewers can be dynamically created and destroyed.
  • Supports embedding video stream in a browser
  • Supports image editing
  • Supports importing from DIB and exporting to base64 and DIB
  • Uploads specified images to an HTTP server. Both sync and async modes are supported.
  • More features →
Feature highlights

How it Works

How It Works
  • JavaScript Client
  • Windows Service
  • Cameras

As demonstrated in the above illustration, there are two core modules in Dynamsoft Camera SDK:

  • JavaScript Client: This is the Dynamsoft Camera SDK JavaScript library running within a browser. It communicates with the webcam Windows Service via HTTP. It accepts and sends users' operation requests to the webcam service, and processes results from the service.
  • Webcam Windows Service: This module is independent of the JavaScript Client. This Windows service listens on and handles the interface with cameras (via DirectShow) and passes the response to the JavaScript layer.
  • It is installed on an end user's PC. And users only need to install the service once.
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'DCSImageViewerContainer', onSuccess, onFailure);

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