Document scanning API for iOS

Enables automatic border detection, trimming and perspective correction in your iOS APP.

Dynamsoft Camera SDK – Empower Your App, Turn an iPhone into a Document Scanner

Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition is a programming API for document imaging. It delivers a set of features to address app developer needs for mobile image processing. The SDK provides a built-in ability to capture a document from an iPhone. It then also provides document boundary detection, intelligent crop, trapezoid distortion correction and image enhancement for the quality of captured documents.

Your app users will be able to capture scanner-quality images using their iPhones. For instance, users can capture contracts, ID cards, presentations, receipts, passports, driving licenses, or any other documents.

Download the Demo APP

We've built a demo APP for you to conveniently evaluate the features of the SDK.

You can also search "Doc Scanner X" in App Store or scan this QR Code to download the demo APP

Download the Demo APP

Automatic border detection

The document scanning and processing library can auto-detect the boundary of a document in a video sequence. This ensures accurate captures of the complete document, rather than document cut-offs.

Trimming and perspective correction

The SDK can extract the document from a cluttered or clean background by auto cropping and perspective distortion (trapezoid) correction.

Image enhancement

High-quality image enhancement enables cleanup and removes noise, shadows, distortions and other photo artifacts.

iOS image processing

The SDK is optimized for the document scanning applications and thus, offers image processing for rotating, cropping and converting to grayscale.


All operations take place on the smartphone of the users. No network connection is required.

I/O and PDF

Import local images; Export as JPEG and PNG; Export as a multi-page PDF

Customizable UI

Developers can fully customize the style of UI elements, such as icons and text.

Upload to Web Server

Both HTTP POST and HTTPS POST are supported.

System Requirements

Dynamsoft Camera SDK iOS Edition is written in Objective-C and can be used natively for APP development of Objective-C and Swift 3 (and above) projects.

  • Devices: iPhone 5 and later; iOS 9.0 and higher;
  • Operating Systems: Arm7, Arm7s, Arm64 and iOS simulator;
  • Programming Languages: Swift 3 (and above), Objective-C;
  • Integrated Development Environment: Xcode 6.0 and above.

Demo APPs

If you would like to trial an APP developed using this SDK, please visit our sample gallery.