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IntermediateResultSavingMode defines how to save the intermediate result(s). It can be one of the follwoing candidate modes.

Candidate Mode List



Saves intermediate results in memory with public data format.


Saves intermediate results in file system. This mode has the following arguments for further customizing.


Saves intermediate results using IRSM_MEMORY and IRSM_FILESYSTEM. This mode has the following arguments for further customizing.


Saves intermediate results in memory with internal data format. This mode has the following arguments for further customizing.

Setting Methods

As PublicRuntimeSettings Member

IntermediateResultSavingMode can be set dynamically during runtime as a member of PublicRuntimeSettings struct, it is one of the IntermediateResultSavingMode Enumeration items.

Code Snippet in C++

//...other codes
PublicRuntimeSettings* pSettings = new PublicRuntimeSettings;
int errorCode = reader->GetRuntimeSettings(pSettings);
pSettings->intermediateResultSavingMode = IRSM_MEMORY;
delete pSettings;
//...other codes

See Also

As JSON Parameter

IntermediateResultSavingMode as a JSON parameter is a JSON object defined as below.

Key Name Key Value Description
Mode Any one in Candidate Mode List as string (Required) Sets how to save the intermediate result.
FolderPath A string from value range of FolderPath (Optional) Sets the Argument FolderPath.
RecordsetSizeOfLatestImages A number from value range of RecordsetSizeOfLatestImages (Optional) Sets the Argument RecordsetSizeOfLatestImages.

JSON Parameter Example

    "IntermediateResultSavingMode": {
            "Mode": "IRSM_FILESYSTEM",
            "FolderPath": "C:\",
            "RecordsetSizeOfLatestImages": 0

Candidate Argument List


Sets the path of the output folder which stores intermediate results.

Value Type Value Range Default Value
string A string value representing the folder path with max length 480. ””

- “”: The library path.
- Please make sure the path exists and your application has the appropriate permissions for saving the results.


Sets the maximum count of recordset to store the latest images’ intermediate results.

Value Type Value Range Default Value
int [0,0x7fffffff] 0

- 0: no limitation on the count of recordset.
- When the count exceeds, the old recordset will be replaced by the new one.

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