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Release Notes for C++ Edition - 10.x

10.2.0 (01/16/2024)


  • Introduced the capability for users to influence the image processing process by altering intermediate results. Users can now clone, edit, and substitute intermediate result units within the callback function of each type. Subsequent operations will then proceed based on the updated unit.
  • Introduced a feature for multi-condition filtering across products. Users can now specify filtering criteria for the task results of a TargetROIDef by implementing an OutputTaskSetting based on the task results of varying products from descendant TargetROIDef objects.
  • Enhanced the Offset parameter in TargetROIDef. Users now have the capability to meticulously customize components of the coordinate system, including the origin, X-axis, and Y-axis, for precise offset calculation.



  • Updated the template system
    • Added StringLengthRange for TextDetectionMode.
    • Added Argument BarcodeFormat for DPMCodeReadingModes. Currently, you can specify “BF_DATAMATRIX” or “BF_QR_CODE” for the parameter.
    • Added ReferenceTaskNameArray under Location.ReferenceObjectFilter to filter the reference objects generated by the task name.
    • Added the support of the OutputTaskSetting definition. The following subparameters are available in OutputTaskSetting object:
      • OutputCondition
      • TaskResultArray
      • TargetROIDefName
      • TaskSettingNameArray
      • BackwardReferenceOutput
      • ReferenceTaskNameArray
      • ReferenceResultTypeArray
      • Operator
    • Offset parameter is optimized.
    • Added ReferenceObjectType to specify whether the reference object is an atomic object or the whole image.
    • Added ReferenceXAxis & ReferenceYAxis to define the X & Y axis.
    • Modified FirstPoint, SecondPoint, ThirdPoint & FourthPoint. You can specify whether the X or Y coordinate of the point is measured by percentage.
    • Deprecated ReferenceObjectSize Type.
  • The following classes are migrated from DynamsoftCore module to the DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouter module:
    • CIntermediateResultReceiver
    • CapturedResultReceiver
    • CapturedResultFilter
    • CIntermediateResultManager
  • Added a new class back method OnShortLinesUnitReceived to the CIntermediateResultReceiver class.
  • Added a new class CAbstractIntermediateResultReceiver. It is the super class of the CIntermediateResultReceiver.
  • Added methods PauseCapturing and ResumeCapturing. Two new CapturedState members, CS_PAUSED and CS_RESUMED, are added as well.
  • Added a new property documentSettings to struct SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings. The corresponding struct SimplifiedDocumentNormalizerSettings is added to the DynamsoftDocumentNormalizer module to store the documentSettings.
  • Added the following methods to the CObservationParameters class to specify the input only result unit.
    • SetResultUnitTypesOnlyForInput
    • GetResultUnitTypesOnlyForInput
    • IsResultUnitTypeOnlyForInput
  • Added the following methods to the CRegionObjectElement class to support the intermediate result modification.
    • SetLocation
    • Clone
    • Retain
    • Release
  • Added a new method Replace to the CIntermediateResultUnit class to support the replacement of intermediate result units.
  • Added SetImageData methods to the following classes:
    • CColourImageUnit
    • CScaledDownColourImageUnit
    • CGrayscaleImageUnit
    • CTransformedGrayscaleImageUnit
    • CEnhancedGrayscaleImageUnit
    • CBinaryImageUnit
    • CTextureRemovedGrayscaleImageUnit
    • CTextureRemovedBinaryImageUnit
    • CTextRemovedBinaryImageUnit
  • Added new methods to the CPredetectedRegionsUnit class to add, remove or set the predetected regions.
  • Added new methods to the CLineSegmentsUnit class to add, remove or set the line segments.
  • Added new methods to the CTextZonesUnit class to add, remove or set the text zones. Added a new class CTextZone to store the information of a single text zone.
  • Added a new method SetContours to the CContourUnit class.
  • Added new methods to the CTextureDetectionResultUnit class to set the X & Y spacing.
  • Added a new intermediate result unit, CShortLinesUnit, to output the detected short lines. The corresponding enumeration member IRUT_SHORT_LINES is added to the IntermediateResultUnitType.
  • Added the following methods to the CCapturedResultItem class
    • GetTargetROIDefName
    • GetTaskName
    • Retain
    • Release
  • Added the following new error codes
  • Added the following methods to the CCapturedResult class.
    • A new override constructor.
    • Retain
    • Release
  • Updated CImageData class
    • Change the return value of GetBytesLength from int to unsigned long long.
    • Added a new constructor.
  • Added a new supported image pixel format, binary 8 inverted. The corresponding enumeration member is added to the ImagePixelFormat.
  • Added return value for the Retain method of the CIntermediateResultUnit class. The method will return the pointer of the current CIntermediateResultUnit.
  • Added a new method CreatePredetectedRegionElement to the CImageProcessingModule class to create the predetected region element.
  • Add C interfaces and implementations, which are only used to encapsulate upper-level languages such as c# and python, etc.
  • Added new methods to the CCandidateBarcodeZonesUnit class to add, remove or set the candidate barcode zones. CCandidateBarcodeZone class is added to store the information of a single candidate barcode zone.
  • Added new methods to the CLocalizedBarcodesUnit class to add, remove or set the localized barcode elements.
  • Added a new method SetImageData to the CScaledUpBarcodeImageUnit class.
  • Added new methods to the CDeformationResistedBarcodeImageUnit class to add, remove or set the deformation-resisted barcode. CDeformationResistedBarcode class is added to store the deformation-resisted barcode information.
  • Added a new method SetLocation to CComplementedBarcodeImageUnit class.
  • Added new methods to the CDecodedBarcodesUnit class to set or remove the decoded barcode elements.
  • Added the following methods to the CDecodedBarcodesResult class:
    • A new override constructor.
    • Retain
    • Release.
  • Added the following methods to the CBarcodeReaderModule class to create the corresponding elements.
    • CreateDecodedBarcodeElement
    • CreateLocalizedBarcodeElement
  • Added the following methods to the CDecodeBarcodeElement class to modify the basic information of the barcode:
    • SetFormat
    • SetText
    • SetBytes
    • SetConfidence
  • Added a new method SetPossibleFormats to the CLocalizedBarcodeElement.


  • Fixed a crash bug that might happen when triggering the SetNextImageToReturn method of the ImageSourceAdapter class.

Break Changes

  • Changed the logic of the StopCapturing method.
    • CaptureResultReceiver will not receive results after StopCapturing is triggered with waitForRemainingTasks false.
    • Support stop capturing after the PauseCapturing method is triggered.
  • Changed the logic of the capturedResultItemTypes setting of SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings:
    • If the result item types don’t match the specified template, the method UpdateSettings will return the error code EC_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID with the message “The captured result item types do not match the task configurations in the template”.
    • Based on the capturedResultItemTypes setting, the irrelevant tasks will be removed from the template.
    • The capturedResultItemTypes should include at least one of the CRIT_BARCODE, CRIT_TEXT_LINE, CRIT_DETECTED_QUAD, CRIT_NORMALIZED_IMAGE. Otherwise, the method UpdateSettings will return the error code EC_PARAMETER_VALUE_INVALID with the message “The captured result item types should contain at least one task result type”.
  • Refactored the CContour class. Please view API reference - CContour class for more information.
  • The destructor functions of the following classes are changed to protected:
    • CCapturedResult
    • CCapturedResultItem
    • CRegionObjectElement
    • CIntermediateResultUnit
    • CCandidateBarcodeZonesUnit
    • CLocalizedBarcodesUnit
    • CScaledUpBarcodeImageUnit
    • CDeformationResistedBarcodeImageUnit
    • CComplementedBarcodeImageUnit
    • CDecodedBarcodesUnit
    • CDecodedBarcodeElement
    • CLocalizedBarcodeElement
    • CDecodedBarcodesResult
    • CBarcodeResultItem
  • Change the compiler option of the runtime library of Windows DLLs from MD to MT.
  • The DeepNeuralNetwork module is separated from the DynamsoftImageProcessing module.

10.0.20 (10/26/2023)


  • Added the following preset templates:
  • Added a new parameter Page to ImageSource object.
  • Added a new method SetPages to the class CDirectoryFetcher and class CFileFetcher.
  • Added a new parameter scaleDownThreshold to the struct SimplifiedBarcodeReaderSettings.
  • Added CImageSourceErrorListener to receive the errors from an image source.
  • Added a new method SetErrorListener to class CImageSourceAdapter to add the CImageSourceErrorListener.
  • Added a new parameter minImageCaptureInterval which can be set via the struct SimplifiedCaptureVisionSettings or the CaptureVisionTemplate object of a JSON template file.
  • Added “UNKNOWN” as a supported and default value of the TextDetectionMode.Direction parameter.
  • Added the following error codes:


  • Added ability to output all templates via methods OutputSettings and OutputSettingsToFile by specifying “*” for the parameter templateName.
  • The class CDirectoryFetcher and CFileFetcher will be able to return error codes via CImageSourceErrorListener.
  • Updated the error codes of the method SaveToFile of the class CImageManager.
  • Optimized the logic to support calling CIntermediateResultManager.AddResultReceiver and CIntermediateResultManager.RemoveResultReceiver after StartCapturing.
  • Optimized the error handling when InitLicense with offline license.


  • Small fixes and tweaks.


  • Changed the upper limit to the DuplicateForgetTime, which is 3 minutes.
  • Changed the timing of OnOriginalImageResultReceived so that it is triggered immediately after receiving the image.
  • Changed the constructors of the following classes from public to protected.
    • CImageTag
    • CCapturedResultReceiver
    • CCapturedResultFilter
    • CImageSourceAdapter
    • CProactiveImageSourceAdapter
    • CIntermediateResultUnit
    • CIntermediateResultReceiver
  • Removed BF_PATCH_CODE from the combined value of BF_DEFAULT as decoding Patch Code is not supported by default.
  • Removed const modifiers of all callback methods of class CCapturedResultReceiver and class CIntermediateResultReceiver.

10.0.10 (08/08/2023)


  • Added a new class CVector4 in the core module.
  • Added new methods SetTransformMatrix and GetTransformMatrix to the class CIntermediateResultUnit. Enumeration TransformMatrixType is also added to support users specifying the type of the target matrix.
  • Added CRIT_NORMALIZED_IMAGE to the available result types of result cross-verification.
  • Added method GetContours to the class CContourUnit to get all the CContour objects contained in the unit and their hierarchies.


  • Improved the implementation of the StopCapturing method to prevent deadlock when invoked in the management thread.


  • Fixed a bug where the local license is not successfully updated in some cases.
  • Fixed crash bugs that happen in rare cases.
  • Other small fixes and tweaks.


  • Renamed methods GetCount to GetItemsCount. This change applies to the following classes:
    • CCapturedResult
    • CDecodedBarcodesResult
  • Renamed method GetSourceImageHashId to GetOriginalImageHashId. This change applies to the following classes:
    • CIntermediateResultUnit
    • CCapturedResult
    • CDecodedBarcodesResult
  • Renamed method GetSourceImageTag to GetOriginalImageTag. This change applies to the following classes:
    • CIntermediateResultUnit
    • CCapturedResult
    • CDecodedBarcodesResult
  • Renamed method OnRawImageResultReceived to OnOriginalImageResultReceived. This change applies to the following classes:
    • CapturedResultReceiver
    • CapturedResultFilter
  • Renamed a method of CIntermediateResultManager from GetRawImage to GetOriginalImage.
  • Renamed the class CRawImageResultItem to COriginalImageResultItem.
  • Renamed an enumeration member of CapturedResultItemType from CRIT_RAW_IMAGE to CRIT_ORIGINAL_IMAGE.
  • Renamed an enumeration member of BufferOverflowProtectionMode from BOPM_APPEND to BOPM_UPDATE.
  • Renamed the following methods of class CMultiFrameResultCrossFilter:
    • from EnableResultVerification to EnableResultCrossVerification.
    • from isResultVerificationEnable to isResultCrossVerificationEnabled.
    • from EnableDuplicateFilter to EnableResultDeduplication.
    • from isDuplicateFilterEnabled to isResultDeduplicationEnabled.
  • Renamed the enumeration TargetType to RasterDataSource.


  • Removed methods SetLocalToSourceImageTransformMatrix and GetLocalToSourceImageTransformMatrix from class CIntermediateResultUnit.
  • Removed methods SetRotationTransformMatrix and GetRotationTransformMatrix from class CIntermediateResultUnit.
  • Removed methods GetCount and GetContour from class CContourUnit. Use the method GetContours instead.

10.0.0 (07/04/2023)


DynamsoftBarcodeReader SDK has been revamped to integrate with DynamsoftCaptureVision (DCV) architecture, which is newly established to aggregate the features of functional products powered by Dynamsoft. The features are designed to be pluggable, customizable and interactable. In addition, the functional products share the computation so that their processing speed is much higher than working individually.

  • DynamsoftCaptureVision architecture consists of:
    • ImageSourceAdapter(ISA), the standard input interface for you to convert image data from different sources into the standard input image data. In addition, ISA incorporates an image buffer management system that allows instant access to the buffered image data.
    • CaptureVisionRouter (CVR), an engine for you to update templates, retrieve images from ISA, coordinate corresponding functional products and dispatch the results to the receivers.
    • Functional products that perform image processing, content understanding and semantic processing. The functional products are pluggable and passively called by CVR when they are required.
    • Result receiver interfaces. You can implement CapturedResultReceiver (CRR) to receive the CapturedResults that output when the processing on an image is finalized. You can also implement IntermediateResultReceiver (IRR) to get timely results from different stages of the workflow.
  • The parameter template system has been comprehensively upgraded.
    • Multiple algorithm task settings are available. You can define barcode decoding, label recognizing, document scanning and semantic processing tasks in one template file.
    • Extended the feature of the ROI system. By configuring the target ROI parameters, you can not only specify an ROI on the original image but also define the dependencies of the algorithm tasks. This feature enables you to customize the workflow when processing complex scenarios.
    • The image processing parameters are separated from the task parameters so that the template settings become more clear and concise.
  • The intermediate result system has been improved.
    • Achieved the intermediate result sharing between different functional products. The results that have the same image source and processing parameters are directly reused, which speeds up the image processing workflow. You don’t need to add any additional code to enable the intermediate result sharing. The library can recognize all the reusable results automatically based on the template file you uploaded.
    • The readability and interactivity of the intermediate results are enhanced. IntermediateResultReceiver allows you to receive up to 27 different types of Intermediate results. You can clearly read which stage of the algorithm each result is output from. In addition, IntermediateResultManager allows you to intervene in the workflows by modifying the intermediate results.

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