Transforming Retail with Mobile POS and Self-Checkout Using Barcodes

Sep 24, 2020

Retail store checkout today has evolved with new technologies to choose from. Among them, two are mobile-point-of-sale (mPOS) and self-checkout solutions. Both are widely popular.

In this post, we look at some of the benefits of implementing mobile POS systems with barcode scanner systems in your retail store and how Dynamsoft Barcode Reader integrates seamlessly to provide more empowered employees, more dynamic sales opportunities, and deeper consumer insights.

What is Mobile POS?

According to a Global Market Insights report, mPOS terminal adoption sales will reach $55 billion by 2024.

Put simply, mobile POS is a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register. Often these devices are paired with additional hardware, such as a credit card reader, barcode scanner, and cash drawer.

self-checkout apps

In general, there are three steps in the checkout process:

  1. Scan a product barcode
  2. Process payment
  3. Email receipt

Replacing traditional cash registers, POS scanners on smart devices offer a host of other benefits such as superior processing capability, wireless connectivity, enhanced communication, real-time inventory management, sophisticated consumer analytics, and so much more.

What is Self-Checkout?

Retail Customer Experience reported 66 percent of shoppers preferred self-service and self-checkout. It also reported an estimated 77 percent of consumers would be very or somewhat comfortable in a retail setting where only self-checkout technology was offered. Some customers also like that it removes privacy concerns related to sharing personal information with cashiers, such as driver’s licenses and credit cards.

A self-checkout system usually involves a terminal to create an automated process for customers to scan, bag and pay for their purchases. Usually this is done without any store representative’s assistance. In general, there are three steps in this checkout process:

  1. Touch the screen to begin
  2. Scan and bag each item
  3. Process payment for a printed receipt

At the point of payment, any coupons, loyalty cards, or other credits can be applied. To close out a purchase, a retailer can physically verify a shopping list as the customer walks out of the store.

Self-checkout apps

Some stores have further evolved by integrating self-checkout apps. In these scenarios, customers can make purchases using their mobile phones while they are in a store. They can simply scan barcodes for product information and make purchases. Product information can be as rich as desired, including information such as a description, unit price, place of origin, and more.

self-checkout apps

By allowing customers to self-add products to a virtual shopping cart while shopping in an aisle, retailers can eliminate making customers stand in line with their products at a physical checkout.

Key Advantages in Mobile POS and Self-Checkout

Since it is common for retail stores to have a ‘customer-first’ approach, naturally, you would want to make life easier for your customers and enhance their shopping experience. This can equate to higher transaction values, more frequent store visits, increased brand advocacy, and so on.

1. Empowering Employees

From upselling and cross-selling opportunities to offering personalized guidance on products, sales associates are invaluable to retail stores.

With mobile POS barcode scanners, the smart devices they use are equipped with powerful tools that can perform a host of sales activities to enhance the customer experience and drive sales. They can look up product reviews, stock availability, price lookup, delivery methods, and even past purchase data from specific customers to ensure compatibility or troubleshooting. Put another way, mobile pos with barcode scanner can turn sales associates into sales consultants.

With self-checkout, employees can be deployed for other productive tasks. This might include more time doing stocking or inventory. Employees can devote more time to answering customer questions by being freed from running payment terminals. In other words, self-checkout can help employees spend more time on other important business and sales processes.

2. Creating more Dynamic Sales Opportunities

A key method to reduce customer frustration is to have them avoid long lines. A long line to pay can cause a lot of customers to rethink their purchase decision or abandon the purchase altogether.

With mPOS making every employee a cashier not only alleviates this frustration, but you can create sales opportunities from all parts of your store. If doing a product demo, for instance, enthused customers can make a purchase on the spot and can leave with a positive perception of your business.

Using a self checkout app can also improve customer experience and increase sales. Instead of waiting at a self checkout terminal, or traditional POS counters, they can use their smartphones to perform self scanning. Ultimately, with self scanning checkout options, they can avoid waiting and quickly purchase the products.

3. Capturing Sales Data

Self scanning checkout applications also enhance data collection and accessibility. You can set up a cloud server to store sales data. You can also run analytics and identify customers’ sales trends and buying behavior. It will help you to build a predictive inventory and better cater to your customers’ needs.

Big-Ticket Items and mPOS or Self-Checkout

Having a robust retail barcode scanner system and using a barcode scanning app can help employees work more efficiently, particularly for large-ticket items.

Here, mobile pos with barcode scanner can be used by a sales consultant to make a shopper’s furniture selection via a barcode scan while at the store. Or, with self-checkout, a customer can bring a barcode tag supplied right at the big-ticket item’s location to bring to the self-checkout terminal to scan it.

The store can then seamlessly schedule delivery accordingly. With a barcode scan app, further integrations can be possible, such as allowing customers to enter their delivery address and select delivery dates and times instead.

Explore how Dynamsoft is applied in the retail sector

Implementing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

Retail businesses in all sectors can benefit from mPOS and self-checkout technology. With all they have to offer, it is no wonder they are being implemented into a wide array of retail spaces such as consumer electronics stores, clothing stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, hospitality, and many more.

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader makes it easy to custom-build your own mobile POS barcode scanner for your retail scanning system. Our enterprise-grade barcode technology easily integrates into the web, desktop, and mobile applications with just a few lines of code. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sales by building robust retail barcode scanner systems.

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