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How Barcode Technology is Helping Jewellery Retailers

Oct 26, 2022
How Barcode Technology is Helping Jewellery Retailers

With the tremendous growth in the past few years, the global jewellery market is projected to reach the $480.5 billion mark by 2025. While the jewellery industry is on the path of growth, managing the day-to-day operations at a jewellery store requires specialized control and the best technologies to ensure everything is in place. Barcode Recognition is one technology that helps jewellers quickly access critical information, improve inventory management, boost efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

Here are the many ways to use a barcode scanner at a jewellery store.

  • Scan jewellery items at the POS.
  • Quickly read barcodes on packages and jewellery pieces for better inventory management.
  • Scan barcodes on product tags for quick access to information.
  • Read barcodes on repair bags for effective tracking.

Let’s take a look at some brands that saw significant changes after choosing Dynamsoft’s proven barcode technology.

Jewellery Retailer 1

Scan barcodes at fulfillment centers

This brand is a leading house of jewellery design based out of UAE. The company is over a hundred years old and caters to GCC and MENA countries.

The Requirement: This jewellery retailer was looking for a Cordova-based dedicated iOS and Android app for smartphones and tablets to scan EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 93 and Code 128 barcodes on the labels of jewellery products.

The Challenge: The company struggled with slow barcode scanning speed that hindered in gaining quick access to product information by scanning the barcodes on the product labels.

The Solution: An application was built using Dynamsoft ‘s barcode reading SDK. The internal employees use this app to get instant access to product information inside the app so they can look after customer queries at the store. As Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is extremely fast, it helps store associates scan one barcode after another to cater to customers better, which further helps improve the shopping experience and customer service.

Jewellery Retailer 2

Scan barcodes at fulfillment centers

A leading Indian jewellery retailer, this brand has over 100 stores across the country. The company has emerged as one of India’s leading omnichannel jewellers.

The Requirement: To provide a better customer experience, the company was looking for a robust barcode scanner SDK to integrate into its native Android, iOS and web apps. The app was intended for customer usage to scan the QR and Micro QR codes on jewellery items and get quick access to product information.

The Challenge: The main challenge was to read the Micro QR Codes on small jewellery pieces, as most ordinary barcode scanners struggle to scan these codes.

The Solution: While the app was initially a little slow, our team helped make customizations to address the issue. The company now offers its customers to scan QR and Micro QR codes on the go for a better shopping experience. The app is extremely fast and scans these barcodes without a hitch.

Getting started

Transform the everyday operations of your jewellery store with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. Say goodbye to manually searching for a jewellery SKU and struggling with scanning those tough barcodes. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a high-speed barcode scanning solution that allows you to integrate barcode reading functionality into your web, mobile, or desktop applications with few lines of code. You no longer have to invest in dedicated devices to perform barcode scanning. It supports all standard barcode symbologies and reads even the most challenging barcodes without a hitch. Choose from 200+ APIs for your specific use case to increase productivity, save time, reduce errors, and ultimately grow your business.

Try the online demo to see how it works. For an in-depth analysis, you can download the 30-day free trial.

Should you need any other information or help, reach out at support@dynamsoft.com.

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