[Case Study] How to Automate Document Indexing With Barcodes

document indexing with QR code

Last Updated on 2018-10-17

Reduce the steps for your document scanning with QR Code

THE NEED – Automatic Document Indexing

A small software development consultancy based on the US East coast has a healthcare practice client using an application to scan and manage patient records. The healthcare practice uses a records management application.

Currently, users take the following steps to scan documents and patient records.

  1. Place one document or patient record at a time in the scanner
  2. Select the correct patient
  3. Select the correct document type
  4. Type a description
  5. Finally press scan and then save the files

They want to reduce the steps of document scanning, index documents automatically and improve work efficiency.

THE SOLUTION – QR Code and Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK

After a bit of research, they decided to use QR codes and Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK for barcode recognition.

The software development shop had adopted Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK to quickly build a web scanning module a number of years ago. They knew a 3rd party SDK can help reduce development cost and time so they can deliver the solution to client fast. In this case, they turned to Dynamsoft for a barcode reader SDK. It works as an add-on to Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK so that they can achieve document scanning and automatic document indexing with one tool.

QR codes are added to documents in two manners:

  • Print documents with an encoded QR code that had a record number and document type
  • Attach QR-coded labels to documents that didn’t already have a QR code pre-printed

The QR code is placed on the first page of a document. When scanning, the barcode reader automatically determines the correct patient ID and document type and saves manual user typing.

Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK allows application developers to almost instantly embed barcode decoding functionality into their web or desktop applications. It requires just a few lines of code instead of coding hundreds to more than a thousand lines from scratch. This is on top of also needing to spend many more months learning relevant standards. It saves months of development time and costs and also reduces the need for long-term staffing and costs for technical support issues.

Learn more about Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK >
Learn more about Dynamsoft Document Imaging SDKs >


With the new application, users now can fill the scanner with various documents from different patients, press scan once to capture all the documents and automatically index them.

Read the full case study

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