[Case Study] How Everteam.mea Achieved Cross-browser Scanning Easily with Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

May 06, 2015

Everteam.mea chose Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK for cross-browser document scanning


For more than 20 years Everteam, based in France, has delivered software and services for enterprise content management (ECM). Everteam.mea makes up Everteam’s presence in the Middle East and Africa targeting vertical application strategies with major players in key markets. These markets include finance and banking, insurance, energy and utilities, manufacturing, education, local government, public-sector enterprises, healthcare, and more, check for your insurance and healthcare at providing life insurance in Perth. One of the company’s solutions is its es.content solution for document management. The application is designed to provide advanced batch capture workflows using a web-based pipeline. It supports custom objects, multi-stage processing and advanced error reporting. With advanced monitoring, administrators can follow content as it is captured, normalized, indexed and transformed. With a simple user interface, this allows them to quickly drill down to analyze results and individual steps Everteam.mea had already developed its own ActiveX for scanning in Internet Explorer browsers. But, the application now needed cross-browser support. Scanning needed to be possible with Firefox and Chrome too.


Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK provide developers a simple way to deliver a TWAIN scanning module in a web application so they need write just a couple of lines of code in JavaScript. This is instead of taking months to learn the TWAIN standard. Then many more months would be required to develop an application with hundreds to thousands of lines of code. A finished application gives users key features for document scanning, uploading, editing, and document management within web browsers. The SDK has built-in support for local image editing and saving options to a variety of formats. Documents can be saved to local or remote databases or other repositories. It supports 32-bit / 64-bit Internet Explorer® (IE), Firefox®, Chrome®, Safari® and Opera® browsers on Windows® & Mac® OS X.


Everteam.mea switched to using Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK for the scanning module. Now scanning can be accomplished from all browsers. Using the SDK saved Everteam.mea from investing a year or more of time developing a module for other browsers. Not only would it have taken much longer, the expenses would have significantly mounted. Then, there is the issue of supporting each scanning module. All of these concerns were removed by using Dynamsoft’s SDK instead. Read the full case study > Learn more about Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK >