[Case Study]Qing Song Huan Pin Improves Trash Disposal Efficiency with Dynamsoft DBR

Last Updated on 2021-01-20

Hangzhou Qing Song Huan Pin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as QSHP) is a science and technology company specializing in R&D, investment, construction, and operation of urban environmental protection and intelligent waste sorting system. The company provides products such as smart garbage bag dispensers, credit redeem machines, recycle collection vehicles, infrastructure construction services, garbage sorting promoters, and inspectors.

QSHP offers an app for consumers as well as garbage inspectors. Consumers sort garbage into different bags. Inspectors then open these bags or scan these bags with a machine to ensure the garbage matches the bag. Machines scan the bags to decide the content of the bag, similar to how luggage is scanned and sorted in airports.

Upon further research into other barcode reader solutions, QSHP chose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. Once implemented into their app, it drastically improved the recognition, in particular with these common problematic scenarios and difficult-to-read barcodes. This greatly improves the user experience when the community occupants interact with the garbage bag dispenser. The efficiency of the inspectors has also improved significantly.

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