How to Rename a Batch of Files with Barcodes

How to Rename a Batch of Files with Barcodes

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable representation of data. These representations have become an essential tool in data capture and document management, greatly enhancing business workflows and efficiency.

Imagine this scenario: You possess thousands of scanned image files, each imprinted with a Code 39 barcode. Your objective is to rename each file based on the respective barcode value it holds. So, if “image001.tiff” has a barcode value of “0002154”, the file should be renamed to “0002154.tiff”. This renaming method allows for rapid file retrieval based on the barcode value.

The ideal solution would be software that can systematically process each file in a folder, decipher the barcode, and subsequently rename the file before moving to the next.

Case Study

Explore a relevant case study here: German Red Cross Uses Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK to Quickly Automate Barcode-to-PDF Procedure.

How to Rename a Batch of Files Using Barcodes in C#

Below, we outline how to craft a .NET application to automate file renaming based on barcode values using the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK:

  1. Begin by installing the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. A 30-day free trial is available for download.
  2. Initiate a C# Windows Forms Application and incorporate “Dynamsoft.BarcodeReader.dll” into the References. For a deeper dive, refer to our guide on using Dynamsoft Barcode Reader .NET API in a WinForms App.
  3. Utilize the .NET barcode reading APIs to interpret barcodes from images, and subsequently rename the files.

You’re encouraged to download the complete sample code from our code repository.

For any inquiries about using barcodes for file renaming, please reach out to us.