Build a Web Page to Scan Documents to PDF

Jun 01, 2021

If you are developing a web application that requires the capability to deal with different digital file formats, chances are PDF will be a must-have file format. Scanning documents of text and graphics to PDF results in a compressed and visually clear file that can be read on a PC or Mac, typically using Adobe Reader. So, how do you scan documents to PDF?

Option 1: Capture from document scanners and save as PDF

In order to scan documents to pdf, your web application needs to be able to talk with your scanner via some scanning protocols. This leaves you with two options:

  • Spend a lot of time and effort to figure out the TWAIN standard
  • Use an available off-the-shelf third-party SDK

Considering the ease and convenience of using third-party SDK compared to the immense time and steep learning curve of studying a new protocol, opting for an SDK is a recommended solution.

Samples and demos

This comprehensive web application demonstrates how Dynamic Web TWAIN access document scanners in browsers, edit, and save.

Demo of scanning documents as PDF >

This blog details how to build a web page to scan documents in JavaScript: Step by step implementation

Option 2: Mobile Web Capture from mobile cameras and save as PDF

With Dynamsoft’s Mobile Web Capture module, developers can easily enable online document capture from smartphone cameras with HTML. The web SDK can detect document borders, crop the document, perform perspective correction, and save the results automatically.

Samples and demos

To get an idea how the web capture SDK works, here is an online demo: Document Scanner from Camera

This barebone sample will help you get started with your own implementation: Download Sample Code

Integrate Document Scanning Capability in your Applications

The above examples show you how to use Dynamic Web TWAIN for your various document scanning needs. If you are interested in learning more about how our document scanning SDKs can help your project, contact us today, and our experts will help you out.