Optimized Document Scanning Within Citrix Remote Desktop

Optimized Document Scanning Within Citrix Remote Desktop

Nowadays people expect their interaction with technology to be easy and uninterrupted regardless of location or device.

An office is just one of the places people work today. Many professionals do their jobs from multiple locations. Citrix helps those people stay connected to the things people need to do their job, no matter where they are.

A Challenge with Document Scanning in Citrix

Document scanning can also be deployed in a virtualization mechanism that enables organizations to deliver centrally hosted applications and resources to mobile and desktop clients. 

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. Dynamsoft Service is a client-side component that accepts user operation commands from a JavaScript client. It listens on the localhost and handles the interface with TWAIN and passes the response to the JavaScript layer. 

If thousands of end-users access the scanning application, a lot of resources will be allocated to accommodate this task, therefore, slowing down the server response. If everyone uses the same communication port, they may have to wait in the queue.

How Dynamic Web TWAIN is Enhanced to Work in Citrix

Dynamsoft offers the enhanced mode specifically designed to work within the Citrix environment to optimize the user experience. End-users will be distributed among different ports so that the communication queuing problem could be resolved. 

When a returning user logs in, a Dynamsoft service is created which listens to the previously assigned port. If a new user logs in, a new port is assigned. As more users log in, multiple services are started that listen to different ports. Since each user communicates between JavaScript client and the local service via a separate port, they won’t affect one another’s performance. 

That being said, this implementation has high demands for system specifications as all these services making use of the operating system’s resources such as memory and disk space to deal with image data. 

How to Enable Enhanced Mode in Your Application

To optimize user experience within the Citrix environment, Dynamsoft offers the enhanced mode which distributes end-users among different ports. How can I use Dynamic Web TWAIN in a Citrix environment?

Please contact support@dynamsoft.com for more information on how to configure the enhanced mode and make sure it is working properly.

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