The Future of Warehousing: Equipping Forklifts with Smart Devices

May 27, 2023
The Future of Warehousing: Equipping Forklifts with Smart Devices

In recent years, digitization and automation have dramatically reshaped the warehousing industry. Forklifts, the workhorses of the warehouse, are being equipped with smart devices to streamline operations.

The Art of Serialization with Smart Forklifts

Serialization is the process of assigning a unique identifier, often in the form of a QR code or barcode, to each item or pallet. This allows for improved tracking and management of inventory. When forklifts equipped with smart devices like cameras and scanners participate in the serialization process, the efficiency skyrockets.

Imagine a forklift with a smart device installed on its mast or forks. As it lifts and moves pallets, it can scan the unique QR codes on each pallet, instantly capturing and transmitting data. This not only eliminates manual scanning but also significantly reduces the chances of human error.

smart forklifts with barcode scanning

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader: A Perfect Fit for Jetson and Other Smart Devices

Among the technologies available, the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader has emerged as a preferred solution for forklift barcode scanning. With its high-performance decoding capabilities, it supports a broad range of 1D and 2D barcode symbologies. The software’s decoding algorithm reads barcodes from various perspectives, even under challenging conditions. This adaptability ensures reliable performance in dynamic environments like warehouses, where barcodes on pallets may be scanned from different angles and distances.

Nvidia Jetson devices are designed for edge computing, which involves processing data close to where it’s generated. Dynamsoft aligns with this approach, performing barcode recognition and decoding directly on the device, enabling real-time data capture.

Despite its compact size, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader delivers robust performance and high reliability.

Programming Language Compatibility: C/C++ and Python APIs

Another compelling reason why Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is ideal for forklift barcode scanning is its compatibility with the popular programming languages C/C++ and Python.

The provision of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for these languages means that developers can easily integrate Dynamsoft Barcode Reader into the software running on these devices. Whether the software is written in C/C++, known for its fine-grained control over system resources and performance, or Python, appreciated for its simplicity and readability, Dynamsoft can readily fit into the equation.

This flexibility can save considerable development time and resources.

Enhanced Performance Through Multithreading

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader’s support for multithreading plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall performance and speed of barcode scanning, especially in scenarios where multiple camera inputs are involved. This becomes particularly valuable in warehouse operations where forklifts equipped with multiple cameras scan barcodes from different sides of a pallet.

By initiating a separate thread for each camera stream, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader can process multiple streams concurrently. This parallel processing enables the system to scan barcodes from multiple angles simultaneously, thereby significantly increasing the scanning throughput.

This approach also ensures that the processing of one camera stream does not hinder or delay the processing of another. Each thread operates independently, meaning that if one camera encounters a challenging scanning situation, others continue their operations undeterred, thus avoiding any potential bottlenecks.

However, the true genius of Dynamsoft’s support for multithreading lies in its thread safety. Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is designed to handle multiple threads without causing race conditions or data inconsistencies. This aspect ensures a robust and reliable scanning process, even when dealing with multiple concurrent camera streams.

Though multithreading adds a level of complexity to the software, Dynamsoft mitigates this through its well-designed APIs, making it easier for developers to leverage the benefits of multithreading.

Speed and Reliability

In terms of performance, Dynamsoft excels with speed and reliability. It can recognize and decode barcodes in milliseconds, enabling the rapid scanning of pallets in motion. In tests, it has proven capable of scanning hundreds of barcodes per minute with a successful scan rate of over 99%.

Industrial Cameras Transform Forklifts for Smart Warehousing

Industrial cameras are playing a transformative role in the evolution of smart warehousing, particularly in enhancing the capabilities of forklifts. These forklifts are equipped with smart devices, such as cameras, to amplify their efficiency.

Integrating industrial cameras allows for advanced functionalities, including facilitating serialization processes. As forklifts move around, these cameras, coupled with barcode-scanning capabilities, can swiftly scan unique QR codes or barcodes on each item. This automated approach eliminates the need for manual scanning and significantly reduces the likelihood of human errors.

This results in seamless and accurate tracking and management of inventory, showcasing how industrial cameras transform forklifts for smart and intelligent warehousing.

The Future is Here

The future of warehousing is already here. Equipping forklifts with smart devices like Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is revolutionizing inventory management, improving safety, and driving efficiency. This blend of machinery and technology is testament to the digital revolution, showing how data and software are used to improve real-world processes. As we continue to explore the possibilities, the future of warehousing looks brighter than ever.

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