Why is Mobile Data Capture Important for Transport Logistic Firms

Dec 28, 2022

With the world going digital and the use of smartphones increasing, mobile data capture is becoming the new norm for most industries. And shipping logistics is no exception. From capturing detailed order and delivery information to tracking shipments and warehouse locations, barcode technology is used in every step in the world of transport logistic. With smart data capture, transport, and logistics firms could obtain even better results. Moreover, it is the need of the hour.

Smart Data Capture: Benefits for Transport Logistic


There are multiple benefits mobile capture offers to the world of shipping logistics. Some of the critical ones are listed below.

Significant Cost Savings: With mobile data capture devices, you don’t have to invest in dozens of dedicated devices, such as handheld laser barcode scanners. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can perform smart data capture to streamline everyday transport logistic tasks. Leveraging advanced mobile data capture solutions, warehouses can even turn to automated guided vehicles (AGV), drones, or mobile robots for effective inventory management without missing a single barcode!

Better Tracking: No matter how powerful a handheld barcode scanner is, it cannot compare with a smart device when it comes to barcode scanning. Hardware scanners have multiple limitations, which is why they are being replaced with mobile scanners. Mobile data capture helps improve shipping and logistics workflows. When handheld scanners fail to scan tough barcodes, such as incomplete, crumpled barcodes, dense, or angled, commercial-grade barcode shipping receiving software can scan such codes without a hitch. As a result, better tracking with no missed scans.

Secure and Hassle-Free Scalability: Upgrading traditional scanners can be challenging and expensive. In a world where technology changes every minute, change is the only constant and the ultimate resort. Choosing mobile smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is cost-effective as they can be updated as per the demand of your transport logistic firm. Powerful security features such as data encryption, regular user management, and maintenance help you scale with utmost safety and security.

Easy Integration: Another critical reason why mobile data collection is gaining popularity among multiple industries is that it is easy to integrate with the existing backend management systems. For a shipping logistics firm, it can easily blend with the shipping receiving software management system, inventory management system, or resource planning system. Moreover, it makes data capture faster, more manageable, and extremely secure.

Uses of Mobile Data Capture in Shipping Logistics


Mobile data collection benefits shipping logistics in many ways. Let’s take a look at the crucial use cases.

Beneficial for Truck Drivers: Mobile data collection makes the everyday tasks of collecting, managing, and sorting packages easier for truck drivers. No need to enter data manually, which further reduces the chances of errors and makes processes faster. Also, it improves compliance and eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware.

Easy Pickup and Dropoff: With mobile data capture, transport logistic companies can enable real-time package tracking at any customer touchpoint. This way, logistic firms, and their partners can benefit from mobile barcode scanning to sort, search, and look for shipments at every stage.

Last Mile Delivery: Mobile barcode scanning solutions add flexibility to the process, ensuring that the packages are delivered to the correct locations and meet workflow demands.

Shipping & Receiving: Barcode scanning is crucial in shipping and receiving as it helps streamline workflows by ensuring everything is in place. Mobile data collection easily integrates parallel to shipping receiving software and allows associates to scan shipments in or outside a warehouse.

Mobile Data Collection in Transport & Logistics: Common Challenges Faced


While smart data capture is necessary for modern transport logistic operations, using a mediocre solution won’t do any good. Hence, most organizations fail to leverage its benefits to the fullest. Here are some common challenges that they may face.

Tough Barcodes: Weather conditions such as rain may leave a barcode damaged. Using an ordinary data capture solution with average barcode scanning capabilities won’t let logistics professionals scan shipping labels with such barcodes.

Complex Integration Process: Complex integration often intimidates shipping logistics firms from choosing smart data capture. While leading solutions will be easy to integrate, the case is not the same with the most available options. Integrating data capture capabilities into mobile devices such as smartphones, wearables, drones, and robots is another challenge with mediocre solutions.

Slow and Tedious Scanning: Let alone batch barcode scanning, ordinary barcode scanners fail to provide fast barcode scanning functionality. Thousands of labels must be scanned daily at a shipping logistics firm, and slow mobile data collection will make things even more difficult.

No Support for Important Barcode Types: Not all smart data capture solutions can support all standard barcode symbologies, and that is when the problem begins. The average ones only support 1-dimensional barcode symbologies and a few important 2D barcode types. What if you need to scan a USPS Intelligent Mail label or an Australian Postcode?

How Does Dynamsoft Address these Issues?

Dynamsoft is a leading computer vision brand known for its enterprise-grade barcode reading, document scanning, and text recognition SDKs. Our SDKs are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and businesses of small and large scale alike.

Our barcode scanner SDK- Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a commercial-grade barcode scanner SDK (Software Development Kit) that helps embed barcode scanning functionality into a web, desktop, or mobile application with just a few lines of code. It can be easily integrated into shipping receiving software and help logistics firms tackle the abovementioned challenges.

Ability to Scan Tough Barcodes: Designed to scan the toughest barcodes under the most challenging conditions, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK can easily scan shipping labels or barcodes damaged due to poor weather conditions or mishandling.

Easy to Integrate: Add robust barcode scanning functionality to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, drones, or robots with minimal coding by choosing Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. From inventory management systems to last-mile delivery solutions, it can be quickly integrated into new or existing software.

Fast and Highly Accurate: Scan over 500 barcodes in a minute with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. Bonus, it can read 34.9% more barcodes than the industry’s second-best!

Supports all Standard Barcode Symbologies: You won’t have to go through the trouble of not being able to scan a specific barcode type when you choose Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK. It supports all major barcode types, from 1D barcodes to 2D barcode symbologies, GS1 composite codes, postal codes, Patch codes, and GS1 DataBar codes.

Try the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

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