Ticket Barcodes: Validate Ticket Authenticity with Barcode Technology

Mar 31, 2023

Overcharging, hidden fees, fake or duplicate tickets, incorrect seating assignments, or worse, tickets not arriving at all are just some of the problems plaguing the ticket reseller market.

Things get even more challenging when the volume is too high, and manually checking and authenticating each ticket doesn’t suffice. Using barcode technology helps make the process faster and prevents fraud. Not to mention, using specific barcodes, such as QR codes as ticket barcodes, helps provide even more exciting benefits to the attendees for a better event experience.

What is a Ticket Barcode?

What Types of Barcodes are Used in Ticketing?

How to Use QR Code for Ticket Validation?

Ticket Barcode: How Dynamsoft Can Help with Ticket Validation?

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What is a Ticket Barcode?


The discrete black and white lines and squares on an event, movie, or train ticket are ticket barcodes. These barcodes are placed on every single ticket for quick identification and authentication. Each barcode is unique and can be scanned only once to avoid forgery.

Scanning ticket barcodes makes it easier for theaters, event organizers, and transportation authorities to move large crowds quickly through entryways. You can scan the ticket barcode at the entrance to any venue to confirm the ticket’s authenticity and provide admittance.

Duplicate tickets pose issues for event organizers tasked with scanning a significant number of tickets. Opting to scan ticket barcodes in real time facilitates the detection of counterfeit tickets. It accelerates the validation process at various entrance points, consequently boosting the experience of event attendees.

Using an e-ticket barcode further eliminates the need to carry printed tickets. These barcodes can be easily scanned directly from the smartphones or mobile devices of the attendees, promoting contactless ticket authentication.

What Types of Barcodes are Used in Ticketing?


  • Aztec Codes : Transportation tickets typically have an Aztec code. The airline industry has standardized the Aztec Code (IATA’s BCBP standard) for electronic boarding passes. Organizations such as Deutsche Bahn, Eurostar, DSB, Slovak Railways, and Czech Railways are just some of the railways that use Aztec codes for selling tickets online and printed by customers or displayed on the screens of mobile devices.

  • PDF417 Codes: Several businesses and government agencies rely on PDF417 barcodes for a variety of tasks. The United States Postal Service allows for the printing of postage in PDF417, as well as Data Matrix barcodes. The airline industry has chosen the PDF417 barcode as the 2-dimensional barcode symbology for paper boarding passes for the Bar Coded Boarding Pass standard (BCBP).

  • DataMatrix Codes: The Data Matrix barcode, a high-density 2D barcode sign, has been approved as an ISO/IEC 16022 standard since the year 2000. Its encoding abilities extend to numeric data as well as text, files, and bytes of data. These codes are ideal to be printed on tickets as they are still recognizable with up to even 60% damage.

  • Codabar: Codabar is a self-checking barcode suitable for printing on forms and tickets. Those working with logistics use it frequently; you may find it on FedEx packages and airbills, in picture laboratories, and elsewhere.

  • QR Codes: QR Codes are used as ticket barcodes to speed up the check-in process for attendees. QR Codes may assist event organizers in integrating events with social media platforms, allowing guests to navigate straight to their accounts without writing or searching. This helps improve the event experience.

How to Use QR Code for Ticket Validation?

Validity checking is a crucial function of the ticket QR codes. It aids in the fight against fraudulent tickets and guarantees that only legitimate tickets are accepted by event organizers. Using high-performance barcode scanning solutions, you can scan an e-ticket QR code or QR codes printed on tickets to speed up the process. With e-ticket QR codes, ticket validation can be performed right on mobile devices.

While using QR codes for ticket validation is a good practice, these barcodes are a superb addition to mobile marketing campaigns. QR codes help improve print marketing to connect more individuals to digital platforms.

Ticket Barcode: How Dynamsoft Can Help with Ticket Validation?

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is a commercial-grade scanning SDK that supports all standard barcode symbologies. With just a few lines of code, you can add robust barcode scanning functionality to a new or existing app. Using its high speed and accuracy, you can quickly scan ticket barcode or any e-ticket QR code on mobile devices without any hassle.

  • Support for Multiple Barcode Symbologies: Whether you want to scan an e-ticket barcode or a QR code for ticket validation, Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK supports all standard barcode symbologies. From 1D barcodes such as Codabar to PDF417 and Aztec codes, DBR is capable of scanning all types of barcodes used for ticketing.

  • Scans the Toughest Barcodes: Even if a ticket is crumpled, torn, or poorly printed, DBR is designed to tackle all sorts of tough barcodes. It can also scan e-ticket QR codes or barcodes on mobile devices, even with glare or textures on the screen.

  • Powerful Scanning in Low Light or Overly Lit Venues: Scanning e-ticket barcodes in overly lit trade shows or low-lighting theaters can be challenging for event organizers. But not with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, which uses a reliable enterprise-grade barcode detection algorithm that excels even in the most challenging conditions.

  • Fastest Scanning and Decoding: Our barcode scanning SDK can scan over 500 barcodes in just 60 seconds! Hence, if you’re dealing with a high volume of attendees, it will help speed up the process to improve the event experience.

  • Incomparable Reading Rate and Accuracy: With astonishing 34.9% more barcodes recognized than the industry’s 2nd best, DBR beats 6 QR Code libraries and ranks the 1st for best recognition rate in the performance test for decoding more than 1000 QR Codes in 16-image quality categories.

  • Easy Integration to Save Months of Development Time: It takes only a few lines of code to add barcode reading capability to a web, desktop, or mobile app. Hence, you can quickly build a barcode scanning app to scan ticket barcode or QR code.

Get Started with Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

Dynamsoft Barcode Scanner SDK can help strengthen the ticket validation process for your business. TicketSwap is such an example. They chose DBR to validate ticket authenticity on their platform. The company required precise and rapid barcode detection to scan all the tickets provided by sellers and prevent tickets from being sold twice. They wanted a barcode solution to manage a high throughput, several barcode symbologies, and even read damaged barcodes. Read the entire case study here.

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