How Dynamic Web TWAIN works?

To see Dynamic Web TWAIN in action, we strongly recommend you try this

  • Q: What is the big picture?
    What is the big picture

    Note: The browser support includes Internet Explorer x86/x64, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Q: What technologies are used?

    There are three editions and each utilizes a different technology:

    1. ActiveX Edition

    It's a standard ActiveX control.

    2. HTML5 Edition for Windows

    This edition includes a lightweight local service and a JavaScript Client, and both are installed on the client machine. The webserver will then be auto started. It communicates with the peripheral scanner for document scanning. Also, the webserver communicates with the JavaScript Client through WebSocket.

    3. Mac Edition

    It utilizes NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) or HTML5 technologies based on the browser type.

  • Q: How do we install the licensed product on the server?

    The workflow might be like this:

    Step 1. Development Server

    Install Dynamic Web TWAIN on the Development Server, so that developers can write document scanning and imaging related code.

    Step 2. Testing and Staging Server

    Copy all files under the Resources folder and your code onto the Testing Server for testing. Before the website is put into production, you might bring everything together on the Staging Server for a final testing and approval.

    Testing and Staging Server

    Step 3. Production Server

    Final approvals are received and the entire site is pushed to the Production Server.

  • Q: How do we install the licensed product on each client?

    When your client visits the scan page for the first time, they will be asked to download an installer based on the browser they are using. It's a one-time installation. Below is how the prompt might look like:

    How do we install the licensed product on each client?

    Note:All the elements in the prompt box are customizable.

  • Q: From the trial version, we can see that there is a license key. Should it go into the server, and each client? How so?

    After you purchase Dynamic Web TWAIN, we will send you the serial numbers. You can use them, along with your domain names, to generate one single ProductKey on the online Licensing Tool page, and then put the ProductKey in the JavaScript file (dynamsoft.webtwain.config.js) for license verification.

    Manual license verification process is not involved at the client side.