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SDK Overview: Modules and Main APIs

This page provides an overview of the various modules and highlights the most essential APIs that form the backbone of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK.

Modules Summary

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (DBR) SDK is built on the Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) framework, which includes multiple modules working together to achieve barcode reading. The hierarchical structure diagram below illustrates the various modules of the DBR SDK (with modules at the top depending on those below).


Modules hierarchical of the DBR SDK

The table below describes details the functionalities of these modules:

Module Description Mandatory/Optional
DynamsoftCaptureVisionRouter.aar(CVR) Provides APIs for single/multiple images processing, setting configurations, and other features. Mandatory
DynamsoftBarcodeReader.aar(DBR) This library mainly provides barcode decoding algorithms. It includes APIs for you to configure barcode decoding settings and obtaining the barcode results. Mandatory
DynamsoftCore.aar(Core) Provides basic structures and intermediate result related APIs. Mandatory
DynamsoftImageProcessing.aar(DIP) This library mainly provides image processing algorithms. Mandatory
DynamsoftLicense.aar(License) Provides license activation or management APIs. Mandatory
DynamsoftCameraEnhancer.aar(DCE) The Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer (DCE) SDK provides camera control, camera enhancements, and basic UI configuration features. Optional
DynamsoftCodeParser.aar(DCP) The Dynamsoft Code Parser (DCP) SDK for parsing the result. You can use this library for processing the Driver’s license or VIN. Optional
DynamsoftUtility.aar(Utility) The utility library, which includes multiple implementations of image source adapters, result filter, image exporter, and other utility APIs etc. Optional

Main APIs

Capture Vision Router

The main class CaptureVisionRouter acts as the SDK entry point and provides the following essential APIs:

Image Source Adapter

The ImageSourceAdapter class is an abstract class representing an adapter for image sources, providing a framework for fetching, buffering, and managing images from various sources. It serves as the input for the CaptureVisionRouter. You can either use the typical implementations of ImageSourceAdapter or implement your own.

Class CameraEnhancer is one of the typical implementations of ImageSourceAdapter. It is a class that not only implements the video frame obtaining APIs but also enable you to improve the video quality by adjusting the camera settings.

Captured Result Receiver

To receive the results of video streaming barcode decoding, you need to implement the CapturedResultReceiver with the callback method onDecodedBarcodesReceived. The result you received in the callback method is a DecodedBarcodesResult object, which contains all the decoded barcodes from the processed video frame.

Camera View

CameraView is a view class that design for visualizing the real time video streaming and the barcode decoding result. If the CameraEnhancer is set as the input of your CVR, the decoded barcodes will be highlighted automatically on the CameraView.

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