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BarcodeReader Class


Method Description
BarcodeReader Initialization of BarcodeReader object.


Video Decoding Methods

Method Description
setCameraEnhancer Bind a Camera Enhancer instance to the Barcode Reader.
startScanning Start the barcode reading thread.
stopScanning Stop the barcode reading thread.
setTextResultListener Set TextResult listener to get result from the callback method when barcode is decoded.
setIntermediateResultListener Set intermediateResult listener to get intermediate result from the callback method.
setMinImageReadingInterval Set the minimum interval between two barcode decoding.
getMinImageReadingInterval Get the minimum interval between two barcode decoding.
setImageSource Set the ImageSource as the source of video streaming.
enableResultVerification Enable Result Verification feature to improve the accuracy of barcode results for video streaming barcode decoding.
enableDuplicateFilter Enable Duplicate Filter feature to filter out the duplicate results in the period of duplicateForgetTime for video barcode decoding.



Image Decoding Methods

Method Description
decodeBuffer Decode barcodes from raw buffer.
decodeFile Decode barcodes from a specified image file.
decodeFileInMemory Decode barcodes from an image file in memory.
decodeBase64String Decode barcodes from a base64 encoded string.
decodeBufferedImage Decodes barcode from a buffered image (bitmap).



Method Description
initLicense Read product key and activate the SDK.
setDeviceFriendlyName Sets a human-readable name that identifies the device.


The following license activation methods are deprecated:

  • outputLicenseToString
  • initLicenseFromDLS
  • initLicenseFromServer
  • initLicenseFromLicenseContent

Please use initLicense to activate the license.


Parameter and Runtime Settings


Method Description
getRuntimeSettings Get current runtime settings.
updateRuntimeSettings (with struct) Modify and update the current runtime settings.
updateRuntimeSettings (with preset template) Update runtime settings from one of the preset templates.
resetRuntimeSettings Reset runtime settings to default.


Method Description
initRuntimeSettingsWithFile Initialize runtime settings with the settings in a given JSON file.
initRuntimeSettingsWithString Initialize runtime settings with the settings in a given JSON string.
appendTplFileToRuntimeSettings Append a new template file to the current runtime settings.
appendTplStringToRuntimeSettings Append a new template string to the current runtime settings.
getAllParameterTemplateNames Gets the parameter templates name array.
outputSettingsToFile Output runtime settings to a settings file (JSON file).
outputSettingsToString Output runtime settings to a string.
setModeArgument Set argument value for the specified mode parameter.
getModeArgument Get argument value for the specified mode parameter.



Method Description
initIntermediateResult Inits an intermediateResult struct with default values.
getIntermediateResults Get intermediate results.
decodeIntermediateResults Decodes barcode from intermediate results.


Status Retrieval

Method Description
getVersion Get version information of SDK.


Auxiliary Classes


  • DMDLSConnectionParameters is deprecated due to the update of the license. Please use the method initLicense to activate the license instead.



Interfaces Description
TextResultListener The interface to handle callback when text results are returned.
IntermediateResultListener The interface to handle callback when intermediate results are returned.
DBRLicenseVerificationListener The interface to handle callback for method initLicense.
ImageSource Interface for producers of images. It can be implemented by programmers to support other image sources, such as external cameras or image filesets.





The following Enumerations are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • EnumProduct
  • EnumDMChargeWay
  • EnumDMLicenseModule
  • EnumDMUUIDGenerationMethod



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