Use Image Cleanup as pre-processing to improve barcode recognition rate

Have you ever wondered how barcode readers can read barcodes of low quality?

The Dynamsoft Barcode Team has come up with this handy infographic to help show the main techniques that are used to enhance barcode images to allow for easier reading.

There are three main methods we use for image enhancement when using barcodes:

  1. Dilation and Erosion: Dilation adds pixels to the boundaries of objects in an image, while erosion removes pixels on object boundaries.
  2. Binarization: Converts images to black and white leaving only 2 levels, this allows for easier distinction between the edges of images.
  3. Despeckle: Takes into account the average of pixels in an area to try and detect whether or not a pixel is correctly the color it should be or if it is noise created in the image acquisition.


Image enhancement
  • Chris Schnyder

    Are these techniques automatically being used by the Dynamsoft .NET Twain OCR and Bar-Code detection processes? I can’t find any reference to any image-cleanup methods in the API.

    • Adrian Cobb

      Hi Chris, these techniques are automatically used by Dynamsoft Barcode SDK. So there is no APIs for these techniques. 🙂

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