Using Visual SourceSafe – Integrating VSS with Dreamweaver

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Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into Dreamweaver to source control projects and files.

1. Open Dreamweaver.

2. Click Site menu -> Manage Sites to create a New site or to Edit a site.

New or Edit a site
(New or Edit a site)


3. In the Site Definition dialog box, go to the Advanced tag, select the Remote Info Category and choose Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® as the access type.

Remote Info of site
(Remote Info of site)


After doing this, the source control panel will be displayed.

Source control panel in Dreamweaver
(Source control panel in Dreamweaver)


4. Click the Connect button to connect to remote host.

Connect to remote host
(Connect to remote host)


Input the information of Database Path, Project, Username and Password in the Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® Database dialog box to open SourceSafe database.

Open SourceSafe database
(Open SourceSafe database)


5. Now the objects are in the source control of SourceSafe. You can find the SourceSafe functions by clicking the icons or right-clicking the items.

Use SourceSafe in Dreamweaver
(Use SourceSafe in Dreamweaver)


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  1. I don’t have that option in my menu. Do I have to have something else installed as well as DW to follow your instructions? If so, can you please add a note as to what it is?

  2. Hi,
    I am using vss with dreamweaver, I have managed one site with vss which is running very well but for another one I am not able to managing it with vss. The 1st one is asking for Check Out at the starting but the another is not, could you plz help me for the same.

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