Using Visual SourceSafe - Integrating VSS with Flash

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Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into Flash (Professional edition only) to source control projects. To use source control functions, we should define a site for the project.

  1. Open Flash.

  2. Click menu Site -> Edit Sites to New or Edit a site.

New or Edit a site (New or Edit a site)

  1. In the Site Definition dialog box, choose Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® as the connection type.

Site Definition (Site Definition)

  1. Check Project under menu Window to display the dialog box of the Project panel. Also, the dialog box of the Project panel can be dragged to the right menu.

  1. After creating a new project or opening an existing project, right click the project to show the Project Settings dialog box, and then select a site from the Site menu in the Version Control section and click OK.

Connect to remote host (Connect to remote host)

Input the information of Database Path, Project, Username and Password in the Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe® Database dialog box to open SourceSafe database.

Open SourceSafe database (Open SourceSafe database)

  1. Now the project is in the source control of SourceSafe. You can find the SourceSafe functions by clicking the icon or right-clicking the project.

Use SourceSafe in Flash (Use SourceSafe in Flash)

  1. When a project has version control applied, we can also open it by using Open from Site. Click menu File -> Open from Site. In the Open from Site dialog box, select the site from the Site menu and then select the file in the site.

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