Live Chat: A Solution for your Communication Needs

In the Internet era, one of the things that can be asserted as essential in the effective operations of an organization would be communication. It is important for a company to maintain a good communication practice both inside and outside the company.  For external communication with the customers, one of the best ways today is through live chat software. With this real-time communication tool, it is possible for the customers to quickly let the company know their concerns. This, in addition, also allows the business to be quick in its response.

As a customer oriented company, Dynamsoft is committed to providing our customers with high-quality support to maximize the benefits in using our products. Over the years, we’ve tried several ways to keep our customers updated and satisfied, among which live chat has been proven to be the most effective one.

Visit and you can find a live chat button on the header in each page of our website:

Today let’s take a closer look at it.

1.  Live Chat & Leave Message

Below are two kinds of chat buttons you may run into on our website:

They represent two statuses of our operators. When it is the ”LIVE CHAT” button, it means our operators are ready to serve you immediately and it’s likely your problem will be solved right through a one-on-one talk; while when it’s “LEAVE MESSAGE”, we are sorry that there’s no operator available at this time, your message will be sent to us by email and we have to get back to you later.

2. Pre-chat Form & Off-line Message Form

When click on the “LIVE CHAT” button, a pre-chat form like below will pop up:

Information you filled in here such as Product/Service, Ticket id, etc., will help us address your query directly to the most relevant operator, who will then help to solve your problem efficiently.

With the “LEAVE MESSAGE” button, you will see a similar form for you to fill in:

Information you offered here can also help us in reducing your waiting time by letting us know who this message should go to, but more importantly, it shows how we can get back to you, whether by phone or email.

3.  Comm100 Live Chat

Some of you may have noticed that there’s a different name both in the title and url of our chat window – Comm100. We’ve chosen Comm100 for several reasons:

  • Guaranteed security. Easy to use. With the help of Comm100, we build this user-friendly live chat system in order to secure better support to all of our customers
  • Multiple mobile phone apps available. Comm100 Live Chat can be run on various platforms and smart phones, like live chat for Android and live chat for iPhone, which helps our operators extend our services to as many places as possible.
  • Several third-party live chat add-ons provide more possibilities. Comm100 created powerful add-ons for some popular third-party platforms, including live chat for Joomla, WordPress chat plugin and live chat for Shopify, etc. These add-ons allow us to integrate live chat with other platforms and make the management much easier.

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