Version Control: Manage and Protect Your Source Code

Source code is the most treasure asset to us developers. When expecting a version control tool to better manage the projects and documents and save us time, we also require it to be a secure one.

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere, a SQL Server-based version control tool designed for both central and distributed teams, protects your data on every level, ranging from the unique database encryption, file content permission, to neat access permissions and data protections over the network.

Version Control Security

I. Content Level

a) Database Encryption

This is a unique and important security feature provided by Dynamsoft’s version control tools. It encrypts your database on the file content level, and users are not able to view the file unless they have the permission. Under the unlikely worst scenario, even if your database is copied without your permission, no one can read a single file in your repository unless they know your passphrase.

b) Cache File Encryption

To speed up the performance for distributed teams, the team introduced the cache mechanism to SourceAnywhere. Cache file encryption is provided to protect these temporary files.

c) Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end to store your databases Compared with the file-system mechanism, Microsoft SQL Server is a robust and mature tool to store the data, especially when you have large projects to manage. The security features provided by SQL Server give a great protection to your data. The features include database authentications, access permissions, database backup and more.

II. Safe data transmission over the network.

SourceAnywhere supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Blowfish to secure your data.

Version Control SSL and Blowfish

I. Access Level

a) Permissions

SourceAnywhere allows you to manage the access permissions on 2 levels: Repository Level and Project Level.

Version Control Access Permissions

b) Password Policy.

The password complexity and the expiration settings greatly prevent hacks and unexpected accesses. The user lock-out feature available in SourceAnywhere gives you another security lock. For example, you enable the “Lock Out” option and give a chance of 3 unsuccessful login attempts. It’s almost impossible for a hacker to guess out your password, which combines number and characters at a various length, within 3 times.

Version Control Password Policy

c) Windows Authentication

On top of the password policy, the Built-in and Windows Integrated authentications are also available in SourceAnywhere.

Version Control Authentication

If you’d like to check out the security features of SourceAnywhere by yourself, the 30-day free trial is available:

SourceAnywhere 30-Day Free Trial Download