Version Control within Visual Studio 2012

This article shares with you on how to integrate SourceAnywhere with Visual Studio. Assume you’ve already installed SourceAnywhere on your computer. You can follow the steps below:

1 . Open Visual Studio 2012 and navigate to “TOOLS -> Options -> Source Control”.

2 . In the dialog box, choose “Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Standalone” as the current source control plug-in, and click OK to confirm the selection.


3 . Open your project in Visual Studio and right-click the solution file. Then click “Add Solution to Source Control”.


4. You’ll then get a dialog box to enter your login info of SourceAnywhere. And click on “Connect”.

VS2012SAWLogin 5. Choose the target repository and the project location according to the prompts.

Now your project is under version control. In the solution explorer, you can see the little locks beside the version controlled files. By default, Visual Studio will check out the file automatically whenever you attempt to do the edit. You can also right-click on the target file and choose “Check Out for Edit” to check out the file.

If you are using Visual Studio 2012 Premium or Ultimate, you can also find some new features, for instance, Code Review, My Work to better organize the work, etc. To learn more about the new features, please go to:

Visual Studio 2012: What’s New in Version Control