Note: This product will be retired as of Dec 31st, 2025. Learn more about this transition here.
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FAQ about Dynamic .NET TWAIN

General Questions

  • 1. What is TWAIN?

    TWAIN is a protocol and Application Programming Interface (API) that standardizes communication between an application and image acquisition devices such as scanners and digital cameras. This standard allows a developer to make standard calls to any image acquisition device that supports TWAIN. Thus the application would not have to be rewritten to support every device. TWAIN has been in existence since 1992 and is governed by the TWAIN Working Group.

  • 2. What is Dynamic .NET TWAIN?

    Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a .NET component which enables you to acquire images from any TWAIN compatible devices or UVC webcams and do image processing. It is specially designed for Microsoft .NET Framework-based desktop applications.

    With the carefully designed interface, and the built-in wizard mode, Dynamic .NET TWAIN is very easy to use. At the same time, Dynamic .NET TWAIN is very powerful.

  • 3. For which purposes can I use Dynamic .NET TWAIN?

    Dynamic .NET TWAIN is designed for Microsoft .NET Framework-based desktop applications. It can be used for controlling any work of scanners, digital cameras, webcams and any other devices which support TWAIN/UVC standard. Dynamic .NET TWAIN can upload and download images through HTTP(S) protocol. Proxy is supported.

  • 4. What operating systems does Dynamic .NET TWAIN work with?

    Dynamic .NET TWAIN supports:

    • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10;
    • Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012;

    The component works with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above required.

  • 5. What programming languages can Dynamic .NET TWAIN work with?

    Dynamic .NET TWAIN can be used with C# and VB.NET.

  • 6. How to add license key on my develop machine?

    You can set the license keys in code like this:

    TwainManager m_TwainManager = new TwainManager("<The license for TWAINScan Module>");
    PDFRasterizer m_Rasterizer = new PDFRasterizer("<The license for PDF Module>"); 
    PDFCreator m_Creator = new PDFCreator("<The license for PDF Module>"); 
    BarcodeGenerator m_Generator = new BarcodeGenerator("<The license for Barcode Generator>");
    Tesseract m_OCR = new Tesseract("<The license for OCR Module>");

Distribution Questions

  • 1. How do I distribute my application?

    Runtime distribution is royalty free.
    You only need to distribute our relevant DLLs with the end user application. If you also use our add-ons in the application, you should also distribute the relevant DLL file(s) and folders (Dynamsoft.PDF.dll, Dynamsoft.BarcodeGenerator.dll, Dynamsoft.BarcodeReader.dll, Dynamsoft.OCR.dll and the tessdata folder). All other files and documentations can NOT be distributed.

    Dynamic .NET TWAIN is very easy to distribute. It supports Xcopy deployment. You only need to distribute the relevant DLL file(s) with your desktop application. The DLL file(s) does not need to be registered.

  • 2. What files I need to include in the setup package of my program?

    As mentioned above, you only need the relevant DLL file(s) in the setup package and the DLLs plus the tessdata folder if necessary.


  • 1. Why do I get the error "Your Dynamic .NET TWAIN license key is invalid"?

    Please check this article for solution.