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What is a UPC-E?

The most extensively used barcode in the United States, UPC-E, is a variation of the UPC-A. It compresses the unnecessary zeros making it more compact and half the size of a UPC-A barcode. Instead of 12 digits, it only comprises 6. Hence, it is used to barcode smaller products that do not have space for a full-size UPC-A barcode.

Apart from the size, the UPC-E barcode is designed the same way as the UPC-A barcode. In the beginning, it has a digit to designate the product type, which is followed by the code of the manufacturer, product code, and, lastly, the check digit to ensure accuracy.

Original UPC-A Barcode:


Equivalent UPC-E Barcode:


Where is a UPC-E used?

The UPC-E barcode is used in warehousing and retail, majorly in the USA and Canada. Hence, just like the UPC-A barcode, it is also known as the consumer goods barcode or the POS products barcode.


  • Retail
  • Warehousing

How could Dynamsoft help you with UPC-E?

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