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What is a Code 93?

Code 93 is a variable-length, alphanumeric barcode symbology that was designed by Intermec in 1982 to improve and complement Code 39. It is similar to Code 39 as it can represent an alpha-numeric character set by using combinations of two characters. The difference lies in the fact that it is a continuous symbol and produces denser code. Also, it encodes 47 characters as compared to 43 characters that can be encoded by Code 39.

Because of its compact size and high density, it becomes 25 percent shorter than barcodes produced in Code 39. Every character in Code 93 is nine modules wide, and always has three spaces and three bards.

A typical Code 93 barcode looks like this:

Code 93

The default implementation or standard mode of Code 93 can encode digits (zero to nine), uppercase letters (A to Z), and special characters such as the *, -, $, %, (space), ., /, and +. The extended version or full ASCII mode can encode all 128 ASCII characters. It also enables additional security within the barcode itself.

Where is a Code 93 used?

Since the Code 93 barcode is widely used in logistics to identify packages, it is also called the logistics barcode or packing barcode. Other applications include labeling electronic components, and retail inventory, and reportedly even providing additional delivery information for the Canadian Post.


  • Postal
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

How could Dynamsoft help you with Code 93?

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