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What is a Pharmacode?

Pharmacode, also known as Pharmaceutical Binary Code, is a special one-dimensional (1D) barcode. Pharmacode looks mostly the same as a regular 1D barcode, but it encodes the data in binary rather than decimal and without any start or stop pattern. This barcode is also known as Laetuscode. Pharmacode is read from right to left.

A Pharmacode supports numeric digits from 0 to 9. The minimum size of the barcode contains 2 bars which represent integer 3 and the maximum contains 16 bars which represent integer 131070.

Pharmacode has no check digit. It has the capability to insert colored bars into the barcode. The colored bars don't contain any information but are used to detect whether the Pharmacode is read by scanners.

Dynamsoft Pharmacode Scanner

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK supports decoding Pharmacode One-Track and Pharmacode Two-Track. Pharmacode Two-Track uses short and tall bars to encode the data.

Where is a Pharmacode used?

Pharmacode is typically used in the healthcare industry for pharmaceutical products verification.


  • Medical
  • Healthcare

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