Dynamic Web TWAIN Boot Camp

  • 1. See Dynamic Web TWAIN in action

    This web application demonstrates how Dynamic Web TWAIN works in Internet Explorer x86/x64, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari on Windows or Mac. You can experience functionalities including online document scanning, image viewing & editing, saving, uploading, and downloading.

    Try out Dynamic Web TWAIN with our online demo ›

  • 2. Download and Installation

    The installation is pretty straightforward.

  • 3. Run Sample Code on your local machine

    Go to the installation directory, under the "…\Dynamsoft\Dynamic Web TWAIN {version} Trial\Samples\" directory, you can see several sample folders.

    • Connect a scanner to your local machine and start the scanner, or get the virtual scanner for testing.
    • Open html files in IE, Firefox or Chrome.
    • Then you should be able to see your devices in the Select Source drop-down list and you can try scanning.

    Note: If you experience any problems during the trial, please refer to the Knowledge base articles ›

  • 4. Deploy Sample Code to your Test Server

    After running the local demo on your machine, you may now want to see how it will work when end users access your application. You can deploy the sample code to your test server and test.

  • 5. Read Developer's Guide

    Before you integrate Dynamic Web TWAIN into your application, it is highly recommended to read the Developer's Guide.

    Developer's Guide includes:

    • Brief description of TWAIN and Dynamic Web TWAIN.
    • The step-by-step guide to build your first Dynamic Web TWAIN "Hello world" application.
    • Details of the main features.
    • Deploy guide and troubleshoot guide.
  • 6. Embed Dynamic Web TWAIN into your application

    Now that you've experienced a big part of Dynamic Web TWAIN, it is the time to embed Dynamic Web TWAIN to your own application!

    You can simply copy the desired sample code to your application and make some tweaks. Here are some resources that might help you with the code customization:

    If you are on a tight time schedule, you may check out our Virtual Developer Service, with which our developers participate in your web scanning module as an active team member from requirement analysis, design, coding, testing and deployment to maintenance.

  • 7. Licensing and purchase