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TWAIN .NET | TWAIN Component | Scanner SDK for Desktop Apps

OCR API for Web and .NET App

Convert scanned documents or webcam capture to searchable
PDFs & texts

The Dynamsoft OCR SDK is a fast and robust Optical Character Recognition library that can be embedded into your .net or web application. It can accurately perform OCR on scanned documents or image capture from webcam in different languages and convert them to text or searchable PDFs.

Dynamic Web TWAIN ImageCapture Suite
Capture images from TWAIN compliant scanners or USB/WIA compliant webcams online;
OCR in JavaScript
Online Demo
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Dynamic .NET TWAIN Dynamic .NET TWAIN
Capture images from TWAIN compliant scanners or USB/WIA compliant webcams in .NET Desktop App;
Supports C# and VB.NET; Winforms & WPF
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  • Extensive language support

    Dynamsoft OCR SDK supports more than 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and more.
    Download Language Packages>>

  • High performance

    Supports multi-thread processing and zone OCR which significantly speeds up text recognition from scanned documents.

  • Extensive output

    Besides searchable PDFs and texts, OCR SDK enables you to extract text as well as detailed positioning and format information. The output can be then used for other applications. In addition, text over image technology supports multiple image compression formats to reduce the size of PDF files.

  • Accurate recognition with font identification

    The SDK not only provides basic OCR results, but also detailed position and format information, including font names, font sizes, line widths, and more.
    Also, the OCR interface includes hand-written (ICR) character support.

Why Dynamsoft OCR SDK

  • Tesseract OCR engine. Optimized based on the highly developed open source engine, the OCR SDK gives you a better experience with accurate recognition, fast performance, and more.
    Introduction to OCR SDK (PDF)
  • Robust Integration. You can integrate a multitude of document processing features all in one application, including document scanning, 1-D & 2-D barcode detection, OCR, Annotation and image uploading.
  • Award-winning technical support. Dynamsoft is committed to giving better customer service and provides multiple support channels: phone call, live chat, email, online meeting, forums, kb, etc. More info >>

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