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"We are using Dynamsoft TFS Hosting without problems. It works exactly as if it was in a local server. In fact, we have disconnected a computer previously dedicated to this job. Response times are good."
Fernando Avila Rodríguez

FAQ: FULL TFS Hosting Service with a Dedicated Hosted Environment

  • Data Centre
    1. What is the location of your data centers and what type of data centers you have (Tier I, Tier II etc…) ?

      Dynamsoft TFS is hosted in SAS70 and CICA5970 certified data center - Primus Vancouver.

    2. Internet bandwidth details (Total data transfer (download and upload), Internet connection speed at server side).

      Guaranteed bandwidth: 100 Mbps (no upload/download limitation, no flow rate limitation)

  • Storage
    1. What is the storage capacity?

      The default offering is 5GB/user. E.g. if you have 15 users, then the storage capacity will be 75GB. You can also request to add more extra space according to your needs.

    2. What would be the additional space cost?

      For extra space, it is $3/GB/Month or $30/GB/Year (save 2 months).

  • Hardware and Software Specification
    1. What would be the hardware specs of the dedicated virtual machine?

      Hardware Specs: 4 shared CPU cores, 4G Memory by default, Windows 2008 R2. The physical memory is expandable according to the memory usage. In addition, Managed TFS Hosting users have a higher priority (compare to Shared TFS Hosting users) to use the resources of the server.

    2. What would be the software spec of the virtual dedicated server?

      We'll install the server side software for you including TFS and SQL Server. Add-ons, including Urban Turtle and Build Server, are provided for your choice.

      Urban Turtle: $5 per user per month
      Build Server: $50 per month

      We also provide FREE service to install your specified 3-rd party add-ons, providing that you send over the proper installer and licenses.

    3. Please confirm if we can use Team Explorer 2010/2012 as client to connect and utilize all the features of TFS?

      Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010/2012 is sufficient for connecting to Dynamsoft TFS hosting server. You can download it from Microsoft site for free.

    4. What process templates are offered? Agile, CMMI, SCRUM, etc?

      By default, we provide MSF Agile v5.0 and MSF CMMI V5.0. You can also download other process templates and upload them to your account without any charge.

    5. Is lab management offering available?

      Currently no.

    6. Is there any proxy service for global development teams?

      Coming soon.

  • Backup
    1. Please confirm if you provide full backup and recovery services and the whole server can be recovered from the last taken backup?

      Yes. To ensure the security of your data, we perform onsite backup every 30 minutes. Please check out the TFS Hosted security page for detailed information. Info about our data center is also included in the page.

  • Migration
    1. Is it possible to migrate our old TFS data to your server from the other company?

      Yes, the service is available.

    2. What is the price for the migration service?

      USD $200 (non-refundable one-time fee).

    3. How can I migrate our TFS data to your server from other company?

      You can follow the steps below to migrate your data from another TFS hosting provider to Dynamsoft:

      • Sign up here to create a TFS Hosted account with Dynamsoft if you don't have one yet.
      • Email tfssupport@dynamsoft.com the migration request (including the Organization ID of your Dynamsoft TFS Hosted account) and schedule a migration time.
      • Contact your old TFS Hosting service provider to perform 'Detach Collection' on your collection in TFS Administration Console and then do backup.
      • Contact Dynamsoft at tfssupport@dynamsoft.com to get a FTP account to upload the backup of your TFS database.
      • Upload your backup and notify us on completion.
      • We will do the migration and notify you when it's ready.

  • Tech Support
    1. Do you provide free tech support?

      We provide free support for our customers via email, phone, live chat and etc..

      Email support is available 24X7. Phone call is available during 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM PST from Monday to Friday. Live Chat is online during 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM PST from Monday to Friday. We also provide support channels including Forum and Online Meeting.

      • Assistance in software installation and resolving product usage issues.
      • Technical advisory services from our version control software developers.
  • Payment
    1. What would be the payment terms?

      30 days upon receipt of the invoice.

      We provide monthly and yearly payment options. If you choose the yearly plan, you only need to pay 10 months' fee for the whole year.

    2. Pricing

      One-time setup fee: 150 USD.

      Recurring fees:

      User License Pricing (/mo./user) Pricing (/mo./user)
      1st - 5th 50 USD 500 USD
      6th - 10th 40 USD 400 USD
      11th - 20th 30 USD 300 USD
      21st+ 20 USD 200 USD

      If you like, please contact sales@dynamsoft.com for a quote.

    3. How do you charge? For example if we subscribe for 30 users and after two month we reduce the user number to 25 or increase to 35?

      The change will be reflected in your next billing cycle. For instance, if you reduce 5 users for your account, invoice will be updated from the next billing date.