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13.3 (1/16/2018)


  • [Add-on] Replaced the PDF Rasterizer add-on with a new technology which made it possible to use the rasterizer on macOS as well as Linux besides Windows.
  • [HTML5] Optimized the memory usage by Dynamsoft Service and the JavaScript library so that users can scan and process even more pages.
  • [HTML5] Optimized the scan module on Linux for better user experience.
  • [HTML5] Updated the HTTPUpload*** methods so that they can be used in a for-loop.
  • [HTML5] Updated the installer of Dynamsoft Service so that Firefox no longer needs to be restarted twice.
  • [HTML5] Added a new button for the "Erase" feature on the built-in image editor.
  • [HTML5] Improved the method OverlayRectangle so that the overlays will move with the image.
  • [HTML5] Improved the method OverlayRectangle so that the image is moved automatically to make sure the newly added overlay is placed in the center of the viewer. This only works when the image is larger than the viewer.
  • [HTML5] Added a "readme" file in the /Resources/ folder to explain what each file is for in that folder.


  • [HTML5] Changed the installing process especially for users who need to use the SDK in a domain network.
  • [ActiveX] Changed the default value for IfAllowLocalCache to "true".
  • [Add-on] The convert mode "CM_AUTO" is removed for the method PDF.SetConvertMode.


  • [All Editions] Fixed a bug where the uploaded PDF files might be corrupted if the upload was interrupted during the process due to insufficient physical memory.
  • [HTML5] Fixed a bug where an error is thrown even after a TIFF file is loaded successfully.
  • [ActiveX] Fixed a bug where a very big PDF file might fail to be loaded.
  • [ActiveX] Fixed a bug where IE might crash when saving scanned images to a multi-page PDF or TIFF.

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