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Future deprecation planned

SHA-1 signatures

To comply with Windows security updates, we will deprecate SHA-1 signatures in a future version. The impact is described below (we take 64bit Windows 7 as an example in below screenshots).

If the deprecation is implemented:

  • When you try to install the Dynamsoft Service, you will get the following two error for “Unknown Publisher”.



  • When you run the ActiveX Edition in IE, you will get a prompt to allow its execution.


For more information, check out Preparing for the deprecation of SHA-1 signatures from Microsoft.

The prompts are one-time, once you accept the “risk”, the software will install and run as usual.

The recommended fix is to patch the operating system, you can find the patch here.

New deprecations in 16.2

As of version 16.1.1.

[Alternative] Use getCapabilities() and setCapabilities() instead.

[Alternative] Use SelectedImagesIndices, SelectAllImages() and SelectImages() instead.

[Alternative] Use new methods like ConvertToBase64(), PDF.Write.Setup()

[Alternative] Use methods like Viewer.setViewMode(), Viewer.setViewMode()

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