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Global properties and functions.

interface Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv {
    readonly ActiveXVersion: string;
    readonly JSVersion: string;
    readonly PdfVersion: string;
    readonly ServerLinuxVersionInfo: string;
    readonly ServerMacVersionInfo: string;
    readonly ServerVersionInfo: string;
     * Whether to create a WebTwain instance automatically.
    AutoLoad: boolean;
    ContainerMap: object;
     * Define the Id and UI of the WebTwain instances.
    Containers: Container[];
    Host: string; //""
    IfAddMD5InUploadHeader: boolean;
    IfDisableDefaultSettings: boolean;
    IfUseActiveXForIE10Plus: boolean;
    readonly inited: boolean;
    ProductKey: string;
    ResourcesPath: string;
    UseLocalService: boolean;
    UseDefaultInstallUI: boolean;
    // Functions
        ContainerId: string, 
        host?: string, 
        port?: string | number, 
        portSSL?: string | number, 
        asyncSuccessFunc: function (DWObject: WebTwain) {}, 
        asyncFailureFunc: function (errorString: string) {}
    ): void;
        dwtInitialConfig: DWTInitialConfig,                 
        asyncSuccessFunc: (DWObject: WebTwain) => {},                   
        asyncFailureFunc: (errorString: string) => {}
    ): void;
    DeleteDWTObject(Id?: string): boolean;
    GetWebTwain(ContainerId?: string): WebTwain;
    GetWebTwainEx(WebTwainId: string): WebTwain;
    Load(): void;
    Unload(): void;
    RemoveAllAuthorizations: function () {};
    OnWebTwainNotFound: function () {};
    OnWebTwainPostExecute: function () {};
    OnWebTwainPreExecute: function () {};
    OnWebTwainReady: function () {};
    OnWebTwainWillInit: function () {};



An array of Container definitions that specifies the UI elements for WebTwain instances. The Container interface is defined below

interface Container {
    WebTwainId: string, // Id of the WebTwain instance
    ContainerId?: string, // Id of the element
    Width?: string | number, // Width of the element
    Height?: string | number // Height of the element


Whether or not an md5 header dwt-md5 should be included in HTTP upload requests. Note that this header is not a standard header and may be deemed invalid on some web servers.

The default value is false .


Sets or returns the product key for the library. A product key is required to enables certain modules of the library.


Sets or returns where the library looks for resources files including service installers, CSS, etc.


Sets or returns whether to use the service or use WASM only. This property can be changed at runtime (but not recommended) and affects WebTwain instances created after the change.

The default value is true .



Creates a new WebTwain instance that listens to the specified host & ports. An UI element specified by the parameter ContainerId which is typically a <div> is required. The library will generate a UI and bind it to this element.


Creates a new UI-less WebTwain instance. This instance will be uniquely identified by the parameter WebTwainId .

  interface DWTInitialConfig {

      WebTwainId: string,
          Host ? : string,
          Port ? : string,
          PortSSL ? : string



Delete the WebTwain instance specified by Id which can either be a ContainerId or a WebTwainId .


Gets an WebTwain instance by its ContainerId .


Gets an WebTwain instance by its WebTwainId .


Initiates the library. If there are predefined Containers , one WebTwain instance will be created for each Container .


Registers an environmental event. Typically the event is OnWebTwainReady which is triggered when the initialization completes.


Destroys all WebTwain instances and cuts off the connection to the Dynamsoft Service.

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