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How do I get a trial License

Please visit our customer portal to request for a trial license.

Full licenses

Dynamic Web TWAIN has the following licensing options:

Per Client Device / Per Page

For Per Client Device/ Per Page license, you need to use organizationID to set.

Dynamsoft.DWT.organizationID = "123456"; // replace the number 123456 with YOUR-ORGANIZATION-ID

Please note that this licensing mode is only supported from DWT 17.0 and needs to be used with Dynamsfot License Server (DLS for short). See more about What is a DLS

LTS supports two deployment methods: Dynamsoft-hosting and Self-hosting. See How secure is the Dynamsoft License Server

Per Server

For Per Server license, you need to use ProductKey to set.

In most cases, you can just make the change in the file dynamsoft.webtwain.config.js .

// If you have multiple license keys, just separate them with semicolons.
Dynamsoft.DWT.ProductKey = 't0076lQAAAGNcO61He******; t0076lQAAAGNcO61He******';

If it is set elsewhere, you need to find it and replace it. For example, if you are making use of the dwt package ( dynamsoft.webtwain.min.js or dynamsoft.webtwain.min.mjs ), the file dynamsoft.webtwain.config.js doesn’t exist and you should already have the above line of code in your own JavaScript where you can update the license when needed.

Other Licenses

The license setting way is the same as Per Server License, please refer to the above Per Server License section.


Please note that DLS license organizationID and ProductKey cannot be used together. And you need to connect to DLS to track license usage.

All license usage data is submitted to the DLS hosted by Dynamsoft. You can

Read more about the mechanism behind license tracking.


View the Dynamic Web TWAIN License Agreement.

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