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What is a Code 11?

Produced by Intermec in 1977, Code 11 is a high-density discrete symbol. It is also known as USD-8. A numeric-only symbology, the Code 11 barcode encodes the numbers zero to nine, the hyphen (-), and start/stop characters. It can also include one or two modulo-11 check digit(s).

A typical Code 11 barcode:

Code 11

Every digit in a Code 11 barcode is made up of two spaces and three bars. The digit width is not fixed. Out of these five elements, there could be three narrow and two wide, or four narrow and one wide.

Since a Code 11 barcode can convert one character into another valid character, it is not resistant to printing imperfections that can further make scanning challenging for barcode readers. Hence, one or two checksum digits (named C and K) are used to enhance data integrity. When the data length is less than ten digits, only one checksum digit is added. Two checksum digits are used for data inputs with more than ten characters.

Where is a Code 11 used?

Code 11 is majorly used in labeling telecommunications equipment. Hence, it is also called the telecommunications equipment barcode.


  • Telecommunications

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