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What is a Micro QR Code?

Designed by Denso Wave in Japan, the Micro QR Code is the more compact, smaller version of the regular QR Code. It is used for those applications where a regular QR code won't fit or where lesser data is required for encoding. Just like QR Codes, a Micro QR Code can also encode Kanji characters.

A common Micro QR Code looks like this: Micro QR Code

Difference Between Micro QR Code and QR Code

The first thing that differentiates a Micro QR Code from a regular QR Code is that it cannot store much data. Its storage capacity is limited to 35 numerals or 128 bits as compared to a conventional QR code that can store up to Hence, its size is much smaller than a QR Code.

Another major feature that makes a Micro QR Code different from a regular QR Code is that it has one position detection pattern. A QR Code has different positioning patterns at the three corners of a symbol. Also, a Micro QR Code offers up to three levels of error correction, unlike the regular QR Code, which offers up to four levels.

While a regular QR Code requires a four-module wide border, a Micro Code's border is only two modules wide. Hence, more surface area is available to encode data in lesser space.

Where is a Micro QR Code used?

A Micro QR Code is the most suitable for small product tags, websites, tiny circuit boards, or other smaller electrical components.


  • Retail

How could Dynamsoft help you with Micro QR Code?

Dynamsoft barcode reader enables you to efficiently embed high-speed and reliable barcode reading functionality in your web, desktop or mobile application using just a few lines of code.

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