What's New in Dynamic Web TWAIN 17.0

Jun 09, 2021
What's New in Dynamic Web TWAIN 17.0

Recently, we unveiled Dynamic Web TWAIN 17.0, which brought some brand-new features to expedite the development of web document management applications.

Background Scanning Service for 64-bit ARM and MIPS Devices

Starting from version 17.0, all web document scanning applications developed with Dynamic Web TWAIN can perfectly work on 64-bit ARM and 64-bit MIPS devices, such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano and etc.

Dynamsoft has built the background scanning service for all mainstream CPU architectures (AMD64, ARM64, MIPS64) and desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Tag Management

Two new methods are added for tag management:

  • RemoveTag(): remove a specified tag from one or multiple images.
  • GetTagList(): return the status of all current tags.


Memory usage - we reduced the memory usage for the built-in viewer.

Security - the encryption algorithm for locally cached images is upgraded from 64-bit Blowfish to AES-256-GCM encryption.

API Changes

The original namespace Dynamsoft.WebTwainEnv is renamed to Dynamsoft.DWT. So if you want to upgrade Dynamic Web TWAIN from old versions, you have to change the namespace in your code.

In addition, all enumerations are now re-defined under Dynamsoft.DWT namespace. For example, Dynamsoft.EnumDWT_PixelType should be written as Dynamsoft.DWT.EnumDWT_PixelType.

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