4 Cases of Good Document Scanning Software Helping Improve Workflow Efficiency (2021)

4 Cases of Good Document Scanning Software Helping Improve Workflow Efficiency (2021)

Organizations today deal with too much paperwork, especially in industries like healthcare, finance, law, etc. More and more, paper documents need to be digitized, processed and indexed to better serve different business workflows and requirements. Having a good document scanning tool to efficiently digitize your paper documents is a critical step for document/records management.

In this post, we will share highlights of four case studies from different industries to see how a good document management application can help improve workflow efficiency.

Case 1: GVTS Decreased Scanning Time by 40% by Using a New Scanning Tool

Industry: Technology

“Dynamic Web TWAIN allows our users to get the job done faster and eliminates the need for transporting documents to other facilities. Our staff can get their jobs completed rather than waiting on slow technology.”

- Shane Meeks, Systems Programming Manager, Grand Valley Technology Services

Grand Valley Technology Services (GVTS) provides technology products and services for the healthcare industry specializing in solutions enhancing practice operations, medical records and technology support.

GVTS has a software product called ChartPort that facilitates access of scanned patient documents in NextGen EMR (electronic medical records). However, the scanning tool had poor efficiency. GVTS users, which consists of scanning personnel in the health centre family practices, were spending excessive time scanning documents. So, GVTS chose Dynamsoft’s scanning SDK to remedy the problem.

Since implementing Dynamic Web TWAIN, scanning cycles have been dramatically reduced. Shane Meeks, GVTS’ systems programming manager, confirmed there has been a 40 percent decrease in scanning time. Meeks noted that “for the users that have moved to the new system, they no longer have to take their documents with them because they get all their scanning done at the location where it needs to be completed.”

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Case 2: Dynamic Hospitality’s Accounting System Enables Automatic Invoice Scanning and Management for Restaurants

Industry: Restaurant

“…It also allows me to provide a central place to store, summarize and report all restaurant information weekly to management cutting their reaction time to issues in half!”

– Rusty Martin, IT director, Dynamic Hospitality, LLC

Dynamic Hospitality, LLC, is a company that manages day to day operations and accounting for assorted restaurant concepts around the country.

They were manually scanning invoices at the restaurants and emailing them to an office person dedicated to accounting for them and managing the storing of invoices and then keying them into the accounting system. It was extremely tedious and time consuming. They needed a system to collect accounting data from stores and do it in a way that users did not have to FedEx paper or email and manually process scanned documents of AP or AR (Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable) each week.

By using Dynamic Web TWAIN, they were able to create a web-based document scanning application. The invoice scanning and management is automated now and can just be reviewed and approved.

“The web application not only delivers the data to accounting in an efficient manner it also allows me to format the files as they are uploaded in a way that automates the storing of files in our paperless file system,” commented Rusty Martin, IT director for Dynamic Hospitality. “And we can import the data into our accounting system.

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Case 3: Croton Group’s Edrawback Application Helps Optimize Drawback Returns for Customers

Industry: Manufacturing, Finance

“Most companies that perform drawbacks for organizations rely on the customer to keep the documents. With the help of the Dynamsoft SDK we were able to make the Edrawback application fundamentally different. It allows users to efficiently capture, store, retrieve and manage all paperwork related to drawbacks. So, the entire process is now simpler and helps optimize the drawback return process.”

- Mendy Aaron, lead technologist, Croton Group

Croton Group imports, exports and sells luxury items such as fine watches and leather goods. As a result, they provide related drawback technical services. This includes an import / re-export duty drawback software solution: Edrawback. The drawback process is complicated and if not effectively accomplished organizations can lose money. Lost money can stem from overpayments, not recovering full refunds due, staffing and outsourcing needs to meet drawback requirements, and more.

To help users efficiently store and manage all the necessary documents required to apply for drawbacks, Croton Group created the Edrawback application using Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK. The SDK enables built-in document capture, document editing and uploading features. The application helps streamline the filing process without incurring added expenses or lost time. Users can securely store, retrieve and manage all of their documents in a single application. This includes tax filings as well as related documents, such as old invoices.

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Case 4: Dynamic Web TWAIN Speeds Up Documentation Workflow for Immigration

Industry: Law

The Law Offices of Thomas Williams PLC is a national immigration law firm and has a team of experienced attorneys that specifically handle employment-related immigration cases.

In the past, their clients had to scan legal document(s) to a local drive and then upload them into the specific case file location. Many workers found this process time-consuming and inconvenient.

With Dynamic Web TWAIN, they created www.LiveImmigration.com which enables document scans from a browser. Users can then upload captured documents directly to a secure server. Now their clients, attorneys and staff can access their cases, messaging and copies of documents 24/7/365 via the website. The application has eliminated the time otherwise needed for locally scanning and uploading.

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About Dynamsoft Web TWAIN SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop robust applications to scan documents in all common web browsers.

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