How EHR Users Interact With Fundamental Technologies [eBook series 2 of 6]

dynamsoft ebook-series-2-of-6

Previously we talked about two important fundamental technologies, Scan and Barcode. In this blog post we will briefly go over another mature technology that can be utilized to greatly enrich an EHR application and how do users benefit from these technologies through various scenarios. Download your eBook The Power of Optical Character Recognition Another common…

3 Best Practices Tips for Barcodes and Inventory Tracking Systems

Dynamsoft SDK Planning

Inventory tracking is critical for a lot of businesses. While it’s certainly more critical to some industries, such as retail, other less obvious industries can also benefit. For example, it’s said US retailers are sitting on $1.43 in inventory for every $1 they sell. A small business can also use inventory tracking to prevent equipment loss versus…

6 Creative Uses in Inventory Tracking or Barcodes

The market for inventory management software is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than eight percent by 2020 and with barcode technology at the core of any such solution, the potential applications are many. We came across six good ideas for using inventory tracking or barcode technology. Tablets as Scanners For enterprise-grade inventory…

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